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Spring Sprinkles

It's that time of the year again when trees sprouts and flowers bloom. I saw snowdrops fading away and daffodils are budding out. I personally think spring is the most exciting season of all as the day lights longer, the weather's warmer, me happier and feeling lighter due to the fact that I will have less layer. Last Sunday was truly an impeccable weather, although not that warm yet (11 degrees celsius) but a lot better that we normally have. So, I braved myself into this all-black outfit to kinda welcome the early spring season. Don't ask me why but for some reason I am into black colours for the last 5 years (rarely white). Gaining few pounds might have something to do with it. Black seems to be the best colour to hide a beefy abs or am I just being over conscious? Oh well...

What about you guys? What is your current fave colour to wear?

Outfit Brand:
Top: New look
Trench coat: F&F
Belt: Gap
Ankle Boots: Red Herring

Credit to my son for taking such …
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Old and New...(part 2)

Wow!! It's nearly a year again since I last updated this blog. Time has certainly fly and a lot of things happened and changed but one thing that surely stayed the same is my love of getting dolled-up 😂.  Here's some compilation of photos from last year's summer through March this year 2015 wearing my favourite pieces of clothing that are mostly, black and white, dark colours or neutral. I wonder if this is a sign of ageing? Well, you'd better stay tune for there might be an urge to be more adventurous and colourful this summer 😜😁. 

Summer '14 Outfit diary part 1

Wow! is that all I can began with 😊. First of all, I'm extremely grateful of the weather as it's mostly sunny and dry. Could you imagine the opportunity for us all to explore summer outfits? But proud to say of how good I am this season of not joining the summer shopping craze. If you all notice, I am not updated with this year hot looks/trends. Instead I recycle and reuse what I already had in my cupboard which is unusual for me 😜. If you are a SAHM then you'll know the reason why. Less income, less to spend 😁. In short, no budget coz I'm broke!! But that doesn't stop me from being stylish eh? 😂😂😂 Yeah, I managed to pleased myself of what I had in my closet. And here's my latest ootd series 😍😍😍...

1) This green maxi dress I wore couple weeks ago during our family day trip to the nearby water garden is still trendy enough. Who would have thought that I had this 6 yrs ago? Perfectly paired it with this grey crop blazer and a wayfarer sunnies. And oh w…

White Dress: the one that started it all

I love white colour, simple as that. During my wedding, I wore white wedding gown because it was my choice not because it symbolise purity but more like following a traditional wedding colour. As they say, thecolour, style and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants.

Back in the days, (Victorian or even way before...) white colour apparently symbolise wealth. Besides the colourtextiles were also an important means to display wealth, and the more elaborate the weave of the fabric, and the richer the fibres uses, and the rarer the colour, the better the demonstration of wealth.  Before the invention of effective bleaching techniques, white was a valued colour: it was both difficult to achieve, and hard to maintain.  Wealthy brides, then, often wore white to demonstrate their money, not their purity.

And did you know that it was Queen Victoria who popularise the wearing of the white wedding dress? You know why?Well, because Vic…

My Spring diary 2014

'Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.' - Stylequotient 
Here's the lists of my spring ootd so far. I tend to documents my outfit of the day for my fashion blogging. And yes like most of us do, I dress according to my mood and sometimes according to my age 😁. Though few times I break the rules and wear hideous clothes 😜. Anyway, not all type of dresses or clothing would suit us especially when you are a petite lady like me. I find that above knee-length dresses or skirts would suit me best. Wedges are my faves summer footwear btw as it gives me the height I wanted at the same time comfortable. Occasionally I wear flat shoes or sneakers especially when it involves a long walk. Accessories depends on my outfit too. Sometimes there are looks that needless to be accessorise. Less is more, right? I also believed that colours varies to the skintone. I love neutral but there are days that some colour I wish to wear just isn't going well with my brown compl…