19 November 2007

How to look good during Cold Weather

I always want to look good and who wouldn't? I bet every women do and to the extent men too. Too many trends follower nowadays and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as you know how to stick to your budget and shop wisely. To look good is not about buying expensive and wearing branded stuff. It is how you carry yourself and mixing the right piece of clothing as well as the colour combination. Aside from that, you also have to believe in yourself that you can also keep up with the trends. There are loads of great deals and steals around if you know where and when to shop. Most of my clothes are not that costly. It's all pretty affordable as well as comfortable and I always made sure it is made with pretty decent materials no matter how cheap. Because, if you shop smartly, even to the low-end you'll find better quality of clothing as well. I don't buy designer labels at all as I have no budget for that. I can only afford  H&M, Zara, Next, Debenhams, M&S, River Island and such...  I can be quite perfectionist when it comes to clothing and very specific with sizes, style, and again the material it is made of, preferably pure cotton. That is when Primark became so popular at the same time was a total threat to the competitors and branded names because of their fine quality pieces of clothing in such affordable prices. Anyway, I want to be presentable all the time and not looking like a nanny. So, when changing I usually take hours until I'm satisfied of how I look like. Yes, that precisely. If in doubt, I looked again in the mirror or best to consult my better behalf (my husband) for his honest opinions. And yes sometimes the truth hurts and my husband has always been trying to tell me as nice as possible on how I look. Not all the time he agree with my choices. But that is the important of listening to the critics, it helps us do better. So, it's always best to listen someone's views or perception with your outfits because, in that way,  we learned from about what is and what is not appropriate to wear. Bare in mind, it also applies to celebrities, that is why they have all sorts of PA's, stylist and other fashion critics to help them look great before facing cameras and other media publishing. And  I know we don't have that problem of Paparazzi's chasing us around like Hollywood stars but still we want to look our very best before going out the house, right? Admit it or not, it is the truth. Well, it is pretty normal for women to be that obsessive with their looks. Just think of this, who else will look after yourself, but you? You are wholly responsible of how you look. Looking at your best always boost your confidence and how you dress reflects your personality as well. Remember, always the first impression last. 

Anyway, this outfit was taken couple weeks ago during Guy Fawkes night. It was pretty Chilly so I did my best to look fashionable that night as well as comfortable and warmed. So, as you can see the picture, that is what I came up with. Comfy yet warmed and effortless. The boots is completely insulated as well as my jumper plus with scarfs and gloves, I was snug as bug. Honestly enjoyed the night without shivering and shaking because of the freezing weather. Sometimes, during winter bundling-up is one most important factor we have to consider but that doesn't mean looking like a Granny. Put some good warm layers on and  then think of the comfort too. Cashmere are often the most used material in winter season because it simply keeps your body warm all the time. Fur boots, and thick tights or leggings are another winter essentials. The trick is to t buy clothing that are thermally made for cold weather such as thermal hats, gloves as well as socks. If you have this 3 important pieces of clothing then you are happy as Larry to to any winter outdoors activity.


Anna said...

wow ka nindut sa imoha supt dia haze, ako na niya na kung dili naka ganahan ha...Musta na dinha dai...have a great weekend diay..

Carlota said...

that's my daughter! you always look good no matter what u wear.

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