8 December 2007

New Cravings

Today, I was asked again by hubby what would I really like this christmas because his Mum and Dad are asking so they could buy it for me this week to complete their shopping list earlier. I told hubby that my DSLR can wait since I got my Sonny w7o again and I love the quality more this time. I told hubby that I would be happy to receive anything since I am the only one who is easy to buy in the family apart from the kids. He said I need to be particular so I listed some few things and that include this fendi purses. Also I said shoes would be an ideal because I fancy a new shoes to add my collection. He said there every christmas Santa never fails to bring me the listed presents I always request. It means this year I will presumably get all of this too. WOW! I am super excited already....This pink fendi purses is only $748 so in pounds more or less $350 which is affordable. The second one also I likes because it has this classic look but I dont expect to receive two unless my mother in-law is ready to spent another $1013 which about £500. Whoooaaa! I might be too ambitious but hey last year my mother in-law bought me a brown leather caught from LV which cost her £1000 pounds but that was a joint present between christmas and my birthday, so it was fair priced to spent, lol. I am too demanding daughter in-law? In fairness I didn't asked for it. I never did asked them apart from my hubby which is I am comfortable to asked about anything but sometimes he don't need to be ask anyway. Anyhow this fendi if I dont get one of it this christmas I surely buy it for myself using my own money. I can just about to afford it without touching my savings. But I will see if there is no sale after christmas then maybe I will wait the massive january sale and sure Fendi will be one of the store who cleared out their 2007 stocks. I am hoping here.

4 December 2007

My Favourite Shops for Kids

Today we went out shopping for kath's play outfit this week. We went to debenhamns but we didn't find any brown tights and top. But we managed to bought our kids clothes instead. We got about 5 dresses for kath from Pineapple, John Rocha's, Tiger Lily, Red Herring and got about the same for my son as well. Daddy also found a really cute combat shoes for our little boy which is so perfect fit from Ted Baker designed.

We continue our shopping to Adam's as well to BHS and there we got few outfit for both of my kids. So today its all about them and nothing for me and hubby, lol. We spent about few hundred pounds for our shopping today, but its ok as long as it is useful. We decided that our kids have grown out to most of their clothes. I love shopping at debenhams since there are few good designers that I really like and its not too costly which is a big plus.

Back in the game!

Hello readers, Sorry that this blog has been under hiatus for few years due to my studying. Now, I have decided to update and is under th...