27 August 2008

Tartans is Back

Miss Sixty £90

I nearly buy a red tartans mini skirt last week but because hubby was with me I was being pulled away quickly as he hates it when I wear such thing. Sound stranged, huh? But according to him I have to be wearing a sensible clothes this day since I am already a mother to two. Oooouch! Its like he is telling me that mini skirts are for young people only. Am I too old for such style? Ooooh well, I should just sneak out later to buy one, I guess. I think its cool and everyone deserve to wear it. What do you guys have to say? Speak it up!

Anyhow, here are some cool and hip clubwear tartans. Isn't it saucy and hot? I fancy it a lot, don't you?

25 August 2008

GOLD is the new Black

But the choice is yours. This fall gold is big and you can either go for a cheap one for just £8.99 or go for the really expensive one for £12,595. Price wise is horrendous, yeah? Have a look at this rare gold solid 18ct gold diamond handbag that is now officially for sale on ebay.co.uk. The gemstone size is 3.5ct. Yes, is that big!
Fancy to buy this? Why don't you make an offer now or simply visit the seller. Anyways, if it is too pricey for you then the alternative is to buy the cheap gold handbag that is similar to the expensive one. It is going to be the most trendiest colour this fall season. So, gold it is!

22 August 2008



Last Sunday the hubby bought me the DKNY mono wallet so I decided to save some money to buy this town and country hobo handbag. Or if I can persuade the hubby to buy me the handbag as well. I really like DNKY products. I am a mad fan of it and I can't wait to get the dress and shoes I was longing to have couple months ago. I hope it'll be on sale pretty soon. Here they are.........

This DNKY shoes is what I wanted for this month and I hope someone will hear my wish.

14 August 2008

Black Suede Boots with a Gold Details

Watch out for this fabulous black boots that is made of genuine suede and finished with a gold details that makes it even more lovely. If I know this will make the hollywood go crazy this fall 2009. Sergio De Rossi is the man behind this greatest boot made.

7 August 2008

New Top

On Sunday, this is one of the new top I bought for myself at Dorothy Perkins store in County Mall next town. I bought few clothes for my kids too. It is a summer sale and we even plan for another shopping day out next week with the girls. Ohh common, who wouldn't want to go shoppign everyday?

5 August 2008

Men's Grooming Products

Through my work, I certainly observed that men also are body conscious. Before I thought only women are obsess of looking after the skin. I noticed that men are also concious on they look and what they specifically used to care their skin and body. This is why men's grooming products are being made especially to men who are concern on their own image. Don't get me wrong, there are men who doens't care at all but also there are men that wanted to look at their best whenever they go. That is not a bad thing and I give credit to men who does look after themselves. So, for more grooming products, feel free to visit at www.celebrityskincare.co.uk.

4 August 2008

Discover the Scent and the Style

Dunhill, that is! Come and see their newest men's fragrances collection and not only that their newest men's ready to wear autumn collection now. Nothing beats dunhill! For more info's visit www.dunhill.com.

3 August 2008

Make your own Style

A suit that fits is here to help men get the best suit ever. If you are having trouble finding the right suit for you then you should visit a suit that fits website in where you can create and make your own style of suit. You design and they'll make it for you.

2 August 2008

British Shirt Maker

I know this website is mostly for women but now I realised there are also men's viewers and readers checking this out everyday. And even asked to the extent if I could post about men's fashion. So, today my entry is about the British Shirt Maker, no other than the Thomas Pink. Check out there latest design now.

27 July 2008

Sony Blue Ray

After shopping with friends today I came home late around 7:30 pm with the kids and my son was sleeping soundly on his push chair. We got home and expected hubby to be there since he told us he'll be home earlier today so, he did. I told him excitedly that I got so many new stuff for the kids and of course me. After, he also told me that he did it and it cost him a fortune. I was trying to work out what he was talking about until I realised he meant his dream Television. He got himself the new flat screen LCD 46 inches only as it is extremely expensive that cost him nearly £3000 altogether with installation and mount plus this new blue ray player. Now he can't wait to have his own home cinema chair as well so he might spend some more sometime this week and get that all done before the new Television arrives. Oh well, at the end of the day it is his treat and for all these years being with him he does not spend much to himself so, he deserves it all for sure. When he's happy I'm happy too.

24 July 2008

Hot Colour this Autumn

If you don’t want to drown in a sea of winter black, follow our advice on the colours of the season, whether you’re going for the total look or accents: red, mid grey, chocolate, petrol blue, violet and gold.

I've browsed through the internet tonight and found out the hot colour for this coming autumn. This is what I like doing during spare time is to see what's the new trend coming. I love fashion, I do follow fashion but prefer my own style of wearing them. Anyway, just a little idea for your wardrove this fall. Go on and start looking out for these hot colour - be it red, mid grey and many more. Grab 'em as soon as possible.

20 July 2008

Beach Wear to Die For

These are the tupe of bikini I would love to wear but unfortunately I haven't got the body for it, lol. I guess I'll just have to die dreaming and perhaps I should just embrace and admire what I have and how I look like. I am just lucky enough to be all complete and everything seems to be working (from head to toe) perfectly. Anyhow, I am dying to have these style of beach wear. Should I just bite the bullet and get one? Or I have to be considerate and just wear what I've got? Oh well, its too tempting, don't you think? So, if you got the body of these new bikini trends then you should perhaps try wearing these beach wear. It sure look good on you!

16 July 2008

LCD integrated digital Flat TV Ambilight

Immerse yourself in a captivating Ambilight experience. Featuring a full HD 1080p display and Pixel Plus 3HD, this Flat TV combines HD Natural Motion, exciting invisible sound and Ambilight - lighting up your experience for years to come.

This is what hubby is drooling to buy and still is. Every time we go shopping at Curry's he never failed to have a closer look with it. Unfortunately, we had already put a limit to which one he can buy and full HD flat screen LCD that is 50 inches is what we agreed. It is £2000 less than what this ambilight one cost. But to those who have loads they can surely buy one. This is the newest fashionable flat scree full high definition television today.

15 July 2008

Elegant Pearl and Beads

I had a friend who is into pearl in fact she is so obsess about pearl. She recently asked me if I know some place to buy pearl at a very low prices. I said I will try to web search one and tell her later. Just as well, because tonight I found the best place to buy pearl and that is no other than Mr Bead. They have all kinds of pearl and beads even in different colours. So, if your interested you can all go and take a look. They sure stylish, fashionable and most of all very affordable.

Best Stylish Frames you can Find Online

Have you ever wonder where you to get a stylish yet affordable glasses? Good news! The Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni is now available at a cheaper value and yet it is so fashionable with tons of designs to choose from. Now, it is getting even more popular and you know why? It is because the Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Just recently! Nothing is more better than Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses. So, it's best to pay a visit to their website now and see many stylish frames and fashionable design at Zenni.

14 July 2008

My Hot Picks

Since it's my payday I was planning to treat myself and the husband. I am about to splurge out to these awesome stuff. The hubby really need a new jacket and since there is no decent summer I might just buy this jacket that he can also used at any season. Take a look of this edwin leather jacket that only cost £117 because it is on sale.

These are my hot picks for myself too. I love these summery look and hoping I could wear it sometimes in August on our back to Devon. Aren't these cool?

7 July 2008

Spring/Summer 2009

It is a little early but I let you have a peek of the spring/summer 2009 fashion. I am sure that men with style will be all crazy about the 2009 fashion. Look how elegant it can be...to find out more...just visit the link above.

6 July 2008

Hush Puppies Great Summer Shoes

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to invest in some quality shoes that will walk you through the season beginning to end. But you dont have to spend fortune to get a quality shoes for hush puppies has designed a fantastic spring/ summer range that has something for everyone. Anything you are looking for at hush puppies you can certainly find it all. It free to visit their online website so why check them out now!

5 July 2008

Men Beach Wear

Not every man can look like Daniel Craig. Ohh, what I mean cannot look good like the hottest men in hollywood. However, thanks to StarBlu, for making men’s swimwear a no longer has to be a fashion faux-pas.

So, now men could worry no more for there is an online beachwear botique that has got everything and every style that they are looking for, such as unique trunks, smart sandals or cool shirts at Starblue.com you sure will find it all.

4 July 2008

Classic Style Sunglasses

Announcement: Topman, a British based leader in men's fashion has launched their classic style men sunglasses project. This is going to be the hottest sunglasses for men this year and so you better watch out for it's coming. You can either order online by visiting their website or go to the nearest topman outlet in your area.

3 July 2008

New Canon 1000D

It is not new to the world that gadgets comes after gadgets. They always find ways to spend your money. Like this time, Canon just launched their newest DLSR model and it is the new Canon 1000D. Based on the picture I can't see any difference at all but perhaps all the functions and speed lights will be more fancy compare to the old models. But hey, I have to wait another year before I can upgrade and on that time I'll sure there will be newer model and better. But for now, this is one of the best DLSR to buy.

1 July 2008

Mismatched Slippers

Ohh, how adorable these mismatched flip-flops. I wanted one straight away soon after I've seen them online and in the mags. I love them, is way too cute. A must-have for this summer. Do you love it? Then why not make your way to little missmatched and grab a pair or two before it runs out.

29 June 2008

Hot summer Look #2 ( Romantic Ruffles

These some of the Romantic Ruffles dresses. Aren't they gorgeous? It would be perfect for any night or even day party. They also affordable for just below £50. Grab them at traffordc centre now!

26 June 2008

Hot Looks this Summer

Coast is always too costly but as everyone says it comes with quality and sophistication so never mind the price. Just grab this one of the hot summer look, the Promenade dress for £160 is making big this summer.

This looks is what i prefer. I plan to buy it soon as I get my budget. This Brionny silk georgette dress in tomato is only £139.

Top tip: If you're looking for something special, or a little different, The Trafford Centre is the place to look. With 230 well-stocked shops, many of them flagships, you're bound to be spoilt for choice.

22 June 2008

Police Gear Website

Attention to all people who works is policing services. If I know you all need this Surefire weapon light for your job. And if you are looking the best place to buy one then I can assure you that there is no better place but lapolicegear.com. They sell all sort of police gear that is made of a quality materials. You will never go wrong if you choose to buy it at la police gear website. It's durable, affordable and less hassle. So, go and check out this site now and find as many police gear as you like from outfit to accessories is such great prices.

21 June 2008

LOWEPRO SlingShot 200AW Digital SLR Camera BAG

This is a must-have for photographers as it will give all the safe protection to their camera and accessories. It is indeed a very cool and fashinable Digital camera bag to carry around. I am about to buy this lowepro bag, if not today it sure will be tomorrow.

It is a perfect for photojournalists, the SlingShot 200 AW uses a unique sling design to go from "carry mode" to "ready mode" in just seconds. Carried comfortably on the back, it easily rotates to the front so you can get to your camera quickly. The SlingShot 200 AW holds an SLR with mid-range zoom lens attached 3-4 extra lenses, cables and accessories and has a full access lid to make loading it a snap. This feature-rich bag also includes a built-in memory card pouch, micro fiber LCD cloth and two generous organizer pockets. Its certain to surprise even the most demanding photojournalists.

19 June 2008

Twill Shorts

OMG! These twill shorts made me speechless. So, if you guys wonder where to get these shorts? Then, at Abercrombie and Fitch they are available for £60 each.

Silver is Elegant

Silver Jewellery is a very elegant jewels and most people with a class and wanted sophistication they would prefer wearing silver. I have a sister in-law (actually, my only sister in-law) who is a younger sister of my husband who is currently living in Brussels, is a silver freak. Most of her jewelry are made of high quality silver. Recently, she just celebrated he 40th birthday and she is the only one who is easy to please by just giving her a silver jewelry that is of course made of a high quality silver and she would surely be smiling all day. Hubby and I had give her a Silver Bracelets, a pink one because we know that is her favourite colour. And hubby's brother and his family gave her a Silver Pendants and she was all happy the whole time of her party. Anyway, if you may ask where to buy any silver jewelry that is a high quality made then I highly recommend key silver at www.keysilver.co.uk for they have the most reasonable price of silver jewelry and yet elegant that are made of 92.5% of silver which is rare to find these days. What is even more great of this online store is they deliver globally - it means they would ship to anywhere in the world with no service charge at all. Isn't it a great deal?

17 June 2008

Armani For Men

Pink is known to be colour for men but they change it for the fact that it is a very girl colour and likewise blue for women. Now, I noticed that many men don't care about colour anymore or shall I say people but there are particular men that will never wear pink colour. Hubby is one of them and no matter how much I convinced him that pink is a big trendy colour for men these days, he would completely got angry if I insisted. [LAUGH] I like teasing my man sometimes. But to all the men that has passion of fashion then you should consider taking a look of Armani clothing for men as well as their men underwear. Most of it are on offer right now. So make sure you go grab 'em!

13 June 2008

Go Monsoon

Tired of wearing jeans, skirt and hot pants? Why not make a new change this summer? For this summer is all about pretty dresses. Don't you know that Monsoon had designs summer dress for petite women? Go now and have a look for just a very affordable prices. Grab one quickly before it sold out. You don't want to be left behind of the Monsoon summer fashion, do you?

9 June 2008

Tag Heuer Mobile Phone

I have read an article about the announcement of Tag Heuer new mobile launching and will be joining Prada and other big brands world wide that launched mobile phone designs. It is news to be design by Model labs. So, I guess it is another big mobile phone model that is worth to see. Unfortunately not for me for I know it could be as pricey as their watches. I could not afford to unless someone will have a kind heart to buy me one. [Laugh]

3 June 2008

Sale Oasis Lingerie

Plan to treat your husband for a saucy night this father's day? Then why won't you demand him to buy you these lingerie at OASIS since they are now on sale. Big massive reduction and all of them are sizzling so hot that both you and your husband would surely enjoy. It's worth every penny, lol.

1 June 2008

Purple Colour is Big this Year

So, I decided to treat myself for one. These are my choice of purple footwear. This stunning purple boots and the sandals below. I soon have them because I have already ordered them online. How nice to treat myself once in a while.

I would really love to buy this GORGEOUS FLORAL DITSY PRINT WEDGE SANDALS .These sandals are absolutely stunning. Floral uppers with a gorgeous peeptoe and an adjustable slingback strap and a metallic feature buckle to the front. They also have basket weave effect metallic over brush platform and 4.25 inch wedge heel - feel on top of the world. They also have padded footbeds making them so easy on your feet. Designer inspired at a fraction of the cost

27 May 2008

Coast that Cost

Since I was on the look out for a new black and white dress for the coming event, I bumped in to this coast dress that cost fortune, lol. But I must say the dress is sto stunning and sure its worth the price.

Beautiful Petula Mono dress by coast and retail price cost £150.00.

Stunning scalloped neckline sleeves & hemline. Gorgeous fabric with white embroidery. Flattering cut giving a fabulous fit. Fully lined with a concealed side zip.

A very versatile and sophisticated dress by Coast. Anyway, here are some listed coast summer collection....!

22 May 2008

Gorgeous Hoody Fleece and Wellington

A new take on a old school classic with an AE twist. • Soft cotton blend with stretch • Long and lean fit with fabric covered buttons • Cropped sleeves with ribbed cuffs • Satin interior neck taping • Hoodie with interior printed lining Imported.

This is my latest picks at my kaboodle wishlist and I badly need them. Where to get it? Try www.ae.com for as low as $29.50 only.

This a Jeffrey Campbell Women's Rain, really cool and trendy. Try amazon.com.

20 May 2008

My Sense of Fashion

Fashion is something contageous, something that I can't live without. And sometimes there are fashion and style that never fades. Especially when it is a big well known designer. However, I have my own sense of style and can always mixed and match without trying to portray somebody else. But, I can do with these awesome style sensation from Marc Jacob, Versace, Chloe and UGG.

Versace Glam Frame Sunglasses

Crystal-encrusted frames with optical-quality lenses that provide complete UV protection. * Plastic/metal. * By Versace; imported.

Chloe Dress from delia's

151554 Chloe Dress | Chiffon halter babydoll with two-tier hem and lace underlay. Poly. Blush. 1/2-13/14. 34" long. Imported. Catalog and web exclusive.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Jersey Top

• Choose red plum (shown), cadet blue, or skylark teal. • Gathered scoop neckline. • Short sleeves. • 100% cotton. • Imported. • Modern Size Guide

UGG Australia Classic Tall Boot

Shearling boot with sheepskin upper, synthetic rubber sole. * Catalog Item Number: 63702 * Chestnut (20), Sand (17), Black (01), or Chocolate (21) * Pull-on style * Full sizes only 5-10M * Imported

Back in the game!

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