19 January 2008

Black Skinny Jeans and Blue turtle neck top

Remember my previous post about my order of the white skinny jeans? I was not able to get a white one because the last stock they got was unfortunately a size bigger. They actually rang me and gave me a choice of either the blue one or black as these are the two colours left. So, I opted the black one since most of my denim are in blue colours and thought this would be a nice addition to my couple of black denims in my closet. So, as promised I shared it in her when I first try it on and hmmm, not too bad fitting, right? I simply can't get enough of skinny jeans because I believe it flatters my not-so tall legs better, haha. Yes, got it from Ms butterfly and blue top from M&S. After two kids;-) x


Carlota said...

wow- nice haze...it looks good on you.

si julie nahan sab ug skinny jeans mao iya karon.

oh yeah- i've added your blogs sa akong blogs. ang kharlota.com wala pa ng work.
www.charlota.org www.carlotaonline.com www.sweet-carlota.blogspot.com http://carlota.kyira.org ... naka link na ka. ingna lang nya ko kung asa blog wala nako na link.

Utah Mommy said...

I love skinny jeans too ipares dayun nako sa boots it looks good on boots. You look great by the way haze you always do. Keep flaunting your unique style. I love your body, very slender.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Oh, Yeah, Baby, that looks HOT! You got it, so use it! (Don't tell my missus I made this comment - I am scared of her ! ) hehehe . Seriously, looks great.

Anonymous said...

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