9 January 2008

White Tee with White Skinny Denim

I been looking some outfit like these since this is the latest trends on the market. I am browsing in my favourite shop and yes loads of them I see but the best one I like is from Miss Butterfly and already ordered the pair just now and hoping I will get it in 3 business day. I can't wait to try it. I got a size 6 on the white denim and a size 8 on the white tee. I am hoping it would suit me as mush as it suit the manequin. I guess thats how it caught my eyes. I love fashion and I'm sure you are with me on that. Guess what its now on sale in Miss Butterfly up 70% reduction, its massive! Shop now and get whatever you want.


Denim: £25 already reduced
White tee: £8 already reduced

I loved bargain especially when I love the item too. Ok, will browse for more here and share it to you later! Have fun shopping!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

looks so cute...share nya pics Haze na ikaw nag sul-ob. wink*

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