19 February 2008

Splurge it, Baby!

I got engaged 2002 and was astonished when hubby presented a beautiful and shophisticated engagement ring while kneeling down and asked me to marry him. I was totally speechless! Nowadays women is easy to please when you guys proposed make sure you'll have the most elegant style of
engagement rings. But some women may prefer to be simple yet romantic proposal even without Rocks to show. Some may go for big and expensive and some may be contented and happy for cheap one. Either case, as long as its done with love. Besides, you can get any kind of rings here at certified diamond rings, be it engagement, wedding rings and or anniversary rings. They sure got it all. So from engagement rings to wedding rings best visit at 365diamond.com and choose the one you like best.

In my case, I didn't choose our engagement ring for it was a suprised but I got the chance to choose our wedding ring and I went for the traditional one without any rocks in it. Simple yet classy! I so love it and proud to wear it. Most people have different taste and ideas so go for the best so you would not regret later on. If you like classic wedding rings or the wedding rings that is covered by beautiful glitters and will sparks during the ceremony then get it from 365diamond rings seller and who knows you might end up paying half the price for they have this massive offer up to 50% discount. Grab 'em now!

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