6 March 2008

More Flat Shoes for Summer

What more can a woman do if given a chance to go out and shop? Where else could be a woman apart from the mall, designers store and warehouses? Is there any thing that a woman could not buy for? Here I go, the first shopping of the month. Today, I went out shopping with a friend and bought this new pair of shoes. Not just one, not just 2 pair but 4 pair of shoes I managed to grab from the sale rack today. Who can resist the 50% reductions? From £65 is now down to £32.50 each, isn't it a bargain? Anyway, the picture above and below are kind of shoes I got today and the colour are green, yellow, pink and orange. Really looking so cool, I was not able to resist the temptation, lol.

Somehow, it's a bargain and the perfect sizes for me. What else could a woman do if there is a bargain offers? Of course she would not go home with an empty handed, is she? It feels like I have to buy it because it is reduced and shouldn't it'll be a waste of opportunity if I let go a good deals like this? Impulse shopping as you may call it but perhaps later it would make a lot of sense when you count how much you actually save. But the question would be, do you really need a new pair of shoes? Is not that I am lucking of shoes in fact I got plenty that I never worn since I purchased them but it serve as my collection and I love looking at them it's my simple fascination in life? But as they say women love shopping and Im no exception to that.

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