23 September 2008

New Wallet

Just one of the simple treat for myself during our summer break. I was looking for something special on our last day but couldn't find one. Hubby brought me in to the House of Frasier and there I saw loads of big brands including my favourites but only bought a pair of shoes and this DKNY wallet. Hubby paid for it so I was spoiled once again. I am not very hard to please actually, just a very simple woman who wants simple things in life.
new purse

1 comment:

texas_sweetie said...

hahaha simple lang gatz pa DK DKNY lang no? hahaha... mahalinzzz au oi..gawas ug mark down jud kaayo sale kay mo palit ko,pero known jud na DKNY kamahal bisan pa e sale..piyong nalang ko magkumot sa ako mga luha kay d ka apord ang pobri oi..nice wallet gatz.. ang suyaon mo pyait harhahrhahr