11 October 2008

My New Collection

My husband knows how I am into fashion and I was like this before he met me so its not a new thing to him when I buy something new every now and then. I'm not so demanding and I don't need to demand because hubby full well knows what I want and what I like. Sometimes, I am flattered that during his break time at work he goes shopping for me or for our kids. He is the sweetest man on earth. He also likes my attitude who is very contented and not too inggitira with what other's have. I don't go out and shop using credit cards too because I am not a big fan of "UTANG" as in with interest pa. We are not loaded but we have more than enough. I am also very open and whatever I purchased I don't need to hide it from him. In fact I even show it to him directly just to see what his opinion with the new stuff. I also don't spend all my time shopping (yung pa pretend ba, na loaded pero diay pulos utang). I love fashion and according to hubby fashion loves me too. So, he likes to surprised me every now and then even if there is no occasion. Dba, and sweet niya?

Anyway, here are my new dresses added to my Jane Norman Collection. Love Jane Norman as they have my size and my style too. Hubby and I choose this dresses.

And of course, hubby can't resist the temptation as well. He knows how much his wife loves shoes. So, he bought me a pair of Kurt Geiger at the Airport where he works. All his colleagues was so impressed of him. Anyhow, I wore the black and white one during the ball party couple weeks ago and will share some pictures later on...

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