11 January 2008

Stylish Glasses

See the glasses above? Cool, isn't it? Do you wonder where you could get it? I tell you but you must also tell your friends out there who want's to look cool wearing glasses. I found it here from the Great Discovery: www.ZenniOptical.com where they sells stylish prescription glasses online. Wide ranges of frames available with different style of lenses. Its low cost, very affordable because they sell their own manufactured directly to the customers. So now you know where to order trendy glasses. Check it out!

Favourite Stuff

Yeah, I can be a fashion follower sometimes. Just share to you what kind of stuff I usually have in me wherever I go. Everything in the picture is my favourite toys. HOw about you? I bet we are the same because this are the trendy stuff and common stuff that people would like.

9 January 2008

Cool Kickers Style


Drooling with this shoe? Love the style and its colour, don't you?

Kickers will probably be most noted for their British invasion in the 80's where youth culture really took centre stage. The days of acid house & football casuals then turned into the magical Madchester era in the early 90's. We probably can just remember some of it!

These days Kickers footwear have a tonne of styles for every possible occasion and the classic Kick Hi ankle boot still looks as good today as it did in the 70's when Roger Daltrey wore them jamming with The Who.

White Tee with White Skinny Denim

I been looking some outfit like these since this is the latest trends on the market. I am browsing in my favourite shop and yes loads of them I see but the best one I like is from Miss Butterfly and already ordered the pair just now and hoping I will get it in 3 business day. I can't wait to try it. I got a size 6 on the white denim and a size 8 on the white tee. I am hoping it would suit me as mush as it suit the manequin. I guess thats how it caught my eyes. I love fashion and I'm sure you are with me on that. Guess what its now on sale in Miss Butterfly up 70% reduction, its massive! Shop now and get whatever you want.


Denim: £25 already reduced
White tee: £8 already reduced

I loved bargain especially when I love the item too. Ok, will browse for more here and share it to you later! Have fun shopping!

7 January 2008

New Look

What I am trying to do is design this website to be pleasant looking into my viewers eyes. Since it is about fashion I want it too look good and trendy but seems its not working because the layout I choose doesn't seem to fit my blog. Well this is for now and will try to find different design later on.

I am been working here for few hours now and seems unsatisfied of the result, perhaps will try another style after writing some ads.

Back in the game!

Hello readers, Sorry that this blog has been under hiatus for few years due to my studying. Now, I have decided to update and is under th...