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29 February 2008

Spring Fashion 2008

From transparency to tuxedos, togas to disco, and airy frocks to safari wear, spring fashion trends for all over the map, but are united by a common escapist thread.

The Bright, Bold Color is the biggest spring fashion this year. So, if you are a fashion follower, go for the rainbow colour. Apparently it is a big fashion this year through the summer. The Color-happy fashionistas will dress from head to toe in eye-popping colors like daffodil yellow, vermillion orange, verdant green, hibiscus red, bold fuchsia, wild violet and cobalt blue. Whether you go intense all over or simply go bright with an accent, just look to the crayon box to follow this trend.

For spring '08, models became walking bouquets of roses, peonies, and pansies – to name a few. The season itself was the obvious inspiration for this blossoming trend, with designers displaying vibrant illustrations and blurred hothouse motifs in their delightful fashions. Flower lovers will swathe themselves in large, graphic floral prints, while those allergic to the impact of oversized patterns can opt for a quieter take on the flowery trend by choosing summery dresses and silky scarves in mid-sized prints.

So this is just an update of this fashion this spring as your guide and tips. I am happy to write down here or paste a clip from my other sources that I found through browsing. So, lets go for it and let us have some fun this spring fashion trends. It would surely look cool, hip and trendy and everyone will be up on their own shoe, I tell you.

Sources: Thanks to suite101 for the runaway reports.

26 February 2008

Gladiator is Back Again!

Here I am again can't stop talking about sandals, shoes, flipflops and etc. I am just addicted to it, what can I do? Do you know that gladiator sandals are now back again? It's been out last year and now its back for a new spring look as well as summer. So guess what? I am already eyeing on this one and soon as I have chance to go shopping I will definitely buy one for myself. Don't you just love the look of this High Leg Gladiator Sandal for only £49.99, cheap ain't it? It's multi strapped high leg sandal, Four buckle detail on front, Zip fastening up back, Gladiator style key for this spring and summer and team with a floaty frock for an edgy look this summer a la Kate Moss. I love it! You will definitely seeing me wearing one of this kind soon. The multi strapped high leg sandal is unfortunately out of stock! Just visit for more range of gladiator sandals.

25 February 2008

The Thinner the Better

Thinking for a notebook upgrade this year? Wanna go for the thinnest? Then, here is the world thinnest notebook, introducing the new trends of laptop, a super-thin Macbook air by Apple. Its gorgeous light and loads of features. I am really thinking to buy one myself but not this year perhaps next year. I wait when the prize will gone down a bit, lol. I can't afford £3000 or plus. Gosh! What a fair price! [Sigh]

Small size aside, the Macbook Air sports a number of standard notebook features, including Bluetooth, 802.11n Wi-Fi and a 1.6ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. All the ports are protected by a fold-down door on the side of the device.

Users will have the option of an 80GB hard-disk drive or a 64GB solid-state drive at an additional cost. Jobs said that battery time would be roughly five hours.

24 February 2008

Pick your Choice!

Haller peeps! Are you here to find out the new fashion in 2 to 3 months time? I guess it's my job to share to you, the little idea I know from reading fashion mags and internet browsing. Anyway, it's that time again when your winter favourites feel suddenly outdated, and your look that felt so perfectly on trend pre-christmas is inexplicably in need of an update - fast! So if you want new look that won't break the bank this month, try this new short statement heel shoe -boot, £115, by Topshop.

How about this multi coloured woven ankle boot? For only £715.00 from Balenciaga. I think most women like not only the fabulous style but also the very femenine colour which are Beige, pink and white multi coloured woven ankle boot. Buckle fastenings sits on one side of the ankle. High pink metallic heel. This stunning ankle boots with exquisite detail, wear with everything and anything these shoes need to be shown. It's 100% Leather too. What more could you ask?

Or if your prefer a fliflop then this White tie up flip flop is a great one. With a black heart sits in between the toes. Gold leather string tie around the ankle, it would definitely rock your world. For Flip flop fantastic, perfect beachwear with that extra bit of glamour. Plus, a 100% Plastic, Heart detail and Leather straps that makes this flip flop so cool and unbeatable. For only £105 at Yves Saint Laurent.

22 February 2008

Brown Leopard Handbag

On wednesday me and my friends went shopping with our kids in the town mall. We bought many stuff from clothing to handbags. I got few new handbag again and loads of outfit for the kids. I went to specific store and saw this leopard handbag that is ideal for weekend travelling or it could be a daily use. It was so popular in the store for it was not that many left. Gladly there were few left so I bought one for myself. It was not that expensive either. Just a usual handbag, a new style for this spring and summer to come. I loved it and already used it today. Anyway, mine is a black one, cool, hip and trendy and is ideal for a Mum like me.

19 February 2008

Luxury Watch

I have bought a Gucci watch for my Mama to give on Mothers day. It's kinda costly for me, you know but Mama is all worth it. After all those years she carry me in her tummy and raised me until I got a life of my own. For me she is the best Mum in the World and deserves a treat once in a while.

The watch I bought many months ago for Mum is not like the picture above but a less cheaper for I had my budget beforehand, lol. I got Mum a white and yellow gold mixed together for only $399.00 few months ago from the H.Samuel jeweller during their sale promotions. I kept it in the box ready for us to take this summer. She surely would love it.

Splurge it, Baby!

I got engaged 2002 and was astonished when hubby presented a beautiful and shophisticated engagement ring while kneeling down and asked me to marry him. I was totally speechless! Nowadays women is easy to please when you guys proposed make sure you'll have the most elegant style of
engagement rings. But some women may prefer to be simple yet romantic proposal even without Rocks to show. Some may go for big and expensive and some may be contented and happy for cheap one. Either case, as long as its done with love. Besides, you can get any kind of rings here at certified diamond rings, be it engagement, wedding rings and or anniversary rings. They sure got it all. So from engagement rings to wedding rings best visit at and choose the one you like best.

In my case, I didn't choose our engagement ring for it was a suprised but I got the chance to choose our wedding ring and I went for the traditional one without any rocks in it. Simple yet classy! I so love it and proud to wear it. Most people have different taste and ideas so go for the best so you would not regret later on. If you like classic wedding rings or the wedding rings that is covered by beautiful glitters and will sparks during the ceremony then get it from 365diamond rings seller and who knows you might end up paying half the price for they have this massive offer up to 50% discount. Grab 'em now!

Famous Face of VS

Adriana Francesca Lima (born June 12, 1982 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil) is a Brazilian supermodel, best known as one of the faces of Victoria's Secret.

One of the bevy of Brazilian beauties entering the modeling world in the late 1990s (including Gisele B√ľndchen, Ana Beatriz Barros, Fernanda Tavares, Ana Hickmann, Isabeli Fontana and Alessandra Ambrosio), the 5'10", chestnut-haired Adriana Lima rose to stardom out of less than glamorous conditions. Lima was discovered at the age of 13 shopping at a local mall.

Her looks and tone body made her famous and of course her fine catwalk show that stooled every designer's heart. Don't you wish to be beautiful and famous like her? Well..if you have the look, the body and the height then go for it, why not?

Source fashionpunch....

12 February 2008


If Nike had just launched a new trainer style then Adidas is sure unbeatable too. This classic trainer adidas is one the best. Go grab them now while still on stock, your choice your trainers! Whichever you prefer and feel comfortable with, price wise is very similar with Nike air.

11 February 2008

Nike Traning Shoes

This is sure a droolingly reliable shoes in all times. Nike have the best training shoes. I love Nike and most of my training shoes are Nike. I am that obsessed of this brand. Who would not drool of this style and the quality is sure will last as long as you live. My first Nike if it hadn't been stolen from me it would still be here in my collection now but that was way long time ago when I was only 17 years old when I had my first Nike pair of training shoes. Unfortunately I was only able to wear it couple of times before it has been stolen away from my closet. For trainer shoes, Nike is the best!

4 February 2008

I can be a Fashion Designer

Provided by Institute of Fashion Design

Thank you for completing Fashion Assessment
Your Score is 7 out of 10
Yes, you'd make a good fashion designer. This is definitely a career option for you. To improve your skills, try to get more experience of fashion design, whether creating your own designs or adapting existing designs. We suggest you try taking our Fashion Design Skills Test.

I have been taking a test recently because I am planning to take further onto fashion designing course. Already sent my application and soon as I'll get the respond I will pay for my enrollment which is about £600. Not much for the start and the package are just great which includes everything I needed as a beginner. I hope this is just the beginning of my dreams to become a fashion designer. One day I will accomplish the dream of building my own clothing line. For now I'll have to study hard for I have loads to learn about fashion but Im pretty sure I will learn quickly as I am an easy and fast learner with all this determination inside me I can surely cope up without any help from anyone apart from hubby's financial support. [LAUGHS]
"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

— Yves Saint-Laurent

"It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."

— Alexander McQueen

"I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants."

— Whitney Houston