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I can be a Fashion Designer

Provided by Institute of Fashion Design

Thank you for completing Fashion Assessment
Your Score is 7 out of 10
Yes, you'd make a good fashion designer. This is definitely a career option for you. To improve your skills, try to get more experience of fashion design, whether creating your own designs or adapting existing designs. We suggest you try taking our Fashion Design Skills Test.

I have been taking a test recently because I am planning to take further onto fashion designing course. Already sent my application and soon as I'll get the respond I will pay for my enrollment which is about £600. Not much for the start and the package are just great which includes everything I needed as a beginner. I hope this is just the beginning of my dreams to become a fashion designer. One day I will accomplish the dream of building my own clothing line. For now I'll have to study hard for I have loads to learn about fashion but Im pretty sure I will learn…