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If Nike had just launched a new trainer style then Adidas is sure unbeatable too. This classic trainer adidas is one the best. Go grab them now while still on stock, your choice your trainers! Whichever you prefer and feel comfortable with, price wise is very similar with Nike air.

Nike Traning Shoes

This is sure a droolingly reliable shoes in all times. Nike have the best training shoes. I love Nike and most of my training shoes are Nike. I am that obsessed of this brand. Who would not drool of this style and the quality is sure will last as long as you live. My first Nike if it hadn't been stolen from me it would still be here in my collection now but that was way long time ago when I was only 17 years old when I had my first Nike pair of training shoes. Unfortunately I was only able to wear it couple of times before it has been stolen away from my closet. For trainer shoes, Nike is the best!