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Showing posts from March 30, 2008

Diesel Sunglasses

I felt guilty after buying myself a christian dior sunglasses then seeing my husband only using a very cheap one from Tesco and I said it's not fair since he is the one who made the money in the family. Well, I made a bit but he is the main bread winner who bring income and whom provides us. So, I am thinking to give him the best birthday present that is unforgetable this year. Like this deisel sunglass perhaps. It sure would look cool on my him!

H&M Spring 2008 Fashion

I guess you have heard an H&M store?

Why check out their latest spring fashion designs? I been to the store today and I tell you their spring clothing is phenomenal and I can't wait for my payday this month so I can go grab some before the stock runs out.

This style surely looks hot and I would not want to miss this chance of buying it now since the stocks are only limited. It will be good for a sumemr casual outfit or shall I say spring casual?

This is pretty enough for summer and plus it's very affordable. Why not go and check out H&M now for more fashion this spring season. You dont want to miss their spring fashion 2008, do you?