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Most Expensive Diamond in Asia

A 72.22 carat diamond has fetched 80 million Hong Kong dollars (USD 10.26 million) at a Sotheby’s auction, making it one of the most expensive jewels sold in Asia. I was like "WOW" when is the time I could actually afford such thing? I can't deny how much I love diamonds and they definitely a girl's bestfriends. However, even if I work through the rest of my life still I can't afford to buy one of this rare diamonds that can be found on this earth. I am just happy to give out information regarding of this stones into others who happen to stumble upon this website of mine. In case you are looking to buy your woman a diamond then this is the best one to come across. I got this article from to visit and read the rest of the story.....

Diesel Sunglasses

I felt guilty after buying myself a christian dior sunglasses then seeing my husband only using a very cheap one from Tesco and I said it's not fair since he is the one who made the money in the family. Well, I made a bit but he is the main bread winner who bring income and whom provides us. So, I am thinking to give him the best birthday present that is unforgetable this year. Like this deisel sunglass perhaps. It sure would look cool on my him!