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Showing posts from April 6, 2008

Nudy and Silicone Sandals

Another look of fashion this year. This is called a nudy and silicone sandals. To be precise, strapless sandals, lol. Ins't it cool?

Product Description
1) sticks to your feet with a special adhesive and are reuseable
2) you can wear them with or without socks
3) peel clear protective covering from sandal
4) made of the eva material and special glue
5) easy to wear and take off
6) not easy to slip when walk, and not adhesive when taken off
7) non- poisonous
8) could be wear more than 180 times, and washable
9) may docile and obedience fit for foot completely
10) puts on this slipper to walk on lets your foot out of the ordinary, it's
More comfortable and relaxed to wear

I find it bizzarely cute. I think fashion has gone to far when it comes to footwear apparels. But I can't blame the people behind this product because it has sold out to many fashion follower in the world. The question would be do I consider myself wearing one? Yes, absolutely! Why not?

Most Expensive Diamond in Asia

A 72.22 carat diamond has fetched 80 million Hong Kong dollars (USD 10.26 million) at a Sotheby’s auction, making it one of the most expensive jewels sold in Asia. I was like "WOW" when is the time I could actually afford such thing? I can't deny how much I love diamonds and they definitely a girl's bestfriends. However, even if I work through the rest of my life still I can't afford to buy one of this rare diamonds that can be found on this earth. I am just happy to give out information regarding of this stones into others who happen to stumble upon this website of mine. In case you are looking to buy your woman a diamond then this is the best one to come across. I got this article from to visit and read the rest of the story.....