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Best Quality of Diamond Rings, Wedding, Engagement and More.....

Why it is that the biggest the stone the happier the woman is? Though not in my case because all I care was to get married with the only man I truly love. Even to my wedding ring hubby asked whatever I like, if I wanted one with a stones on it. But the truth was I was not at all into diamonds those days and I went for a traditional wedding ring, the same for hubby too.

What I didn't realised is the chance to own diamonds but infairness my engagement ring was all really made for me which was enough for hubby expensed and I don't want him to think that my love can be bought (wink). Honestly, I was flattered when hubby knows exaxctly my finger sized.

However, I somehow regret for being too naive before and didn't know that it is indeed so prideful to have a Diamond Rings, Wedding & Engagement Rings. Diamonds are surely not a girl's bestfriends only but are forever, too!

Talking about quality stones, let us move our topic to these other kind of precious, the Sapphire R…