26 April 2008

Paris Fashion Design

Who would have want to wear Paris Hilton's design? When the hotel heiress launched her clothing line everyone was kind of thinking who the hell is going to buy it? But infairness to the Hilton Princess she design quite good and to her avid fans it is something they could collect for. Honestly, I would wear some of it as long as I like the design and the style. She is at least making her own brand name and that is something you would call a success. To Americans fans of Paris or even her global fans would prefer to spend the asking price of Paris Fashion clothing, in fairness they are all quite in reasonable price. I will pick my favourite of all the Tee (picture shown below) and I would not mind wearing them on casual day but not in hundreds years I would wear the shorts pants or shall I say hot pants? Is it? I hate shiny material and never own a piece of such clothing. I am a big fan of hot pants of any colour but rather not shiny. No way! Anyway, for her fans information, both Tee and hot pants are only $68 bucks. Go and grab 'em now!

24 April 2008

Glass Slippers

Cinderella story is so popular not only to the kids but as well as to the adults. Women particularly is the one who dreams and wish for their prince charming to bring them a glass slippers one day. So, men take not to that women's dream and wish and let it come true by simply giving these gorgeous glass slippers when you proposed to her instead of diamonds.

It would be at least something different among other's marriage proposal and sure a trendy one, if you do it this way when presenting the most precious and gorgeous glass slippers to your woman. She would definitely treasure it forever. What more is, you can order one with a special message in it. Like for instance, to my dream girl from your prince charming! How cool would that be!

It is indeed a beautiful way of showing love to your woman and in return she would be delighted that you exerted an effort of making her special day very memorable. I would have wished to have this glass slippers during my engagement day but of course woman can't demand what she wants on that day because she would not know when a guy propose or not, does she? So, it is up to men to think the best way of winning a girl's heart. Or the best way to make her say "YES". If so, visit http://glassetcher.com/slipper.html now.

20 April 2008

Best Way to Shop

I guess you now notice I fashionable I am and how I love reviewing those new trendy clothing on the market. You may also noticed already how shopaholic I can be but to tell the truth I mostly buy my clothes at the Wholesale Clothing where I buy several Wholesale Shirts as well as Wholesale Clothes and many more. Who wouldn't if it means that I save more, I surely would go for it. At Wholesale Blank Apparel they only not sell whole clothing but also accessories. You would be drooling to know that they can also supply printers and embroiderers. So, there is plenty of exciting things at wholesale clothing apart from being the best way to shop.

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