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Showing posts from July 13, 2008

LCD integrated digital Flat TV Ambilight

Immerse yourself in a captivating Ambilight experience. Featuring a full HD 1080p display and Pixel Plus 3HD, this Flat TV combines HD Natural Motion, exciting invisible sound and Ambilight - lighting up your experience for years to come.

This is what hubby is drooling to buy and still is. Every time we go shopping at Curry's he never failed to have a closer look with it. Unfortunately, we had already put a limit to which one he can buy and full HD flat screen LCD that is 50 inches is what we agreed. It is £2000 less than what this ambilight one cost. But to those who have loads they can surely buy one. This is the newest fashionable flat scree full high definition television today.

Elegant Pearl and Beads

I had a friend who is into pearl in fact she is so obsess about pearl. She recently asked me if I know some place to buy pearl at a very low prices. I said I will try to web search one and tell her later. Just as well, because tonight I found the best place to buy pearl and that is no other than Mr Bead. They have all kinds of pearl and beads even in different colours. So, if your interested you can all go and take a look. They sure stylish, fashionable and most of all very affordable.

Best Stylish Frames you can Find Online

Have you ever wonder where you to get a stylish yet affordable glasses? Good news! The Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni is now available at a cheaper value and yet it is so fashionable with tons of designs to choose from. Now, it is getting even more popular and you know why? It is because the Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Just recently! Nothing is more better than Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses. So, it's best to pay a visit to their website now and see many stylish frames and fashionable design at Zenni.

My Hot Picks

Since it's my payday I was planning to treat myself and the husband. I am about to splurge out to these awesome stuff. The hubby really need a new jacket and since there is no decent summer I might just buy this jacket that he can also used at any season. Take a look of this edwin leather jacket that only cost £117 because it is on sale.

These are my hot picks for myself too. I love these summery look and hoping I could wear it sometimes in August on our back to Devon. Aren't these cool?