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Showing posts from July 20, 2008

Hot Colour this Autumn

If you don’t want to drown in a sea of winter black, follow our advice on the colours of the season, whether you’re going for the total look or accents: red, mid grey, chocolate, petrol blue, violet and gold.

I've browsed through the internet tonight and found out the hot colour for this coming autumn. This is what I like doing during spare time is to see what's the new trend coming. I love fashion, I do follow fashion but prefer my own style of wearing them. Anyway, just a little idea for your wardrove this fall. Go on and start looking out for these hot colour - be it red, mid grey and many more. Grab 'em as soon as possible.

Beach Wear to Die For

These are the tupe of bikini I would love to wear but unfortunately I haven't got the body for it, lol. I guess I'll just have to die dreaming and perhaps I should just embrace and admire what I have and how I look like. I am just lucky enough to be all complete and everything seems to be working (from head to toe) perfectly. Anyhow, I am dying to have these style of beach wear. Should I just bite the bullet and get one? Or I have to be considerate and just wear what I've got? Oh well, its too tempting, don't you think? So, if you got the body of these new bikini trends then you should perhaps try wearing these beach wear. It sure look good on you!