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29 August 2008

Shop at Madison Boutique

My daughter is a bit of a princess who loves wearing cute dresses all the time. If she's given a chance she would wear any dresses in her cupboard. Every now and then I encourage her to wear various kind of clothing as it is good to always look different at times. I introduced her the casual, jeans, skirt and many more. We often go shopping together but she always get attracted to dresses. That is why sometimes I had to do my my shopping online for her not to see what I am buying otherwise she'll protest. I usually do my shopping at madison boutique because it has all the good brand that every mother would die to buy for their kids. Just yesterday, I ordered a big girl cardigan for my daughter and I hope she like it too. It is something like this.....

27 August 2008

Tartans is Back

Miss Sixty £90

I nearly buy a red tartans mini skirt last week but because hubby was with me I was being pulled away quickly as he hates it when I wear such thing. Sound stranged, huh? But according to him I have to be wearing a sensible clothes this day since I am already a mother to two. Oooouch! Its like he is telling me that mini skirts are for young people only. Am I too old for such style? Ooooh well, I should just sneak out later to buy one, I guess. I think its cool and everyone deserve to wear it. What do you guys have to say? Speak it up!

Anyhow, here are some cool and hip clubwear tartans. Isn't it saucy and hot? I fancy it a lot, don't you?

25 August 2008

GOLD is the new Black

But the choice is yours. This fall gold is big and you can either go for a cheap one for just £8.99 or go for the really expensive one for £12,595. Price wise is horrendous, yeah? Have a look at this rare gold solid 18ct gold diamond handbag that is now officially for sale on The gemstone size is 3.5ct. Yes, is that big!
Fancy to buy this? Why don't you make an offer now or simply visit the seller. Anyways, if it is too pricey for you then the alternative is to buy the cheap gold handbag that is similar to the expensive one. It is going to be the most trendiest colour this fall season. So, gold it is!

22 August 2008



Last Sunday the hubby bought me the DKNY mono wallet so I decided to save some money to buy this town and country hobo handbag. Or if I can persuade the hubby to buy me the handbag as well. I really like DNKY products. I am a mad fan of it and I can't wait to get the dress and shoes I was longing to have couple months ago. I hope it'll be on sale pretty soon. Here they are.........

This DNKY shoes is what I wanted for this month and I hope someone will hear my wish.

14 August 2008

Black Suede Boots with a Gold Details

Watch out for this fabulous black boots that is made of genuine suede and finished with a gold details that makes it even more lovely. If I know this will make the hollywood go crazy this fall 2009. Sergio De Rossi is the man behind this greatest boot made.

7 August 2008

New Top

On Sunday, this is one of the new top I bought for myself at Dorothy Perkins store in County Mall next town. I bought few clothes for my kids too. It is a summer sale and we even plan for another shopping day out next week with the girls. Ohh common, who wouldn't want to go shoppign everyday?

5 August 2008

Men's Grooming Products

Through my work, I certainly observed that men also are body conscious. Before I thought only women are obsess of looking after the skin. I noticed that men are also concious on they look and what they specifically used to care their skin and body. This is why men's grooming products are being made especially to men who are concern on their own image. Don't get me wrong, there are men who doens't care at all but also there are men that wanted to look at their best whenever they go. That is not a bad thing and I give credit to men who does look after themselves. So, for more grooming products, feel free to visit at

4 August 2008

Discover the Scent and the Style

Dunhill, that is! Come and see their newest men's fragrances collection and not only that their newest men's ready to wear autumn collection now. Nothing beats dunhill! For more info's visit

3 August 2008

Make your own Style

A suit that fits is here to help men get the best suit ever. If you are having trouble finding the right suit for you then you should visit a suit that fits website in where you can create and make your own style of suit. You design and they'll make it for you.

2 August 2008

British Shirt Maker

I know this website is mostly for women but now I realised there are also men's viewers and readers checking this out everyday. And even asked to the extent if I could post about men's fashion. So, today my entry is about the British Shirt Maker, no other than the Thomas Pink. Check out there latest design now.
"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

— Yves Saint-Laurent

"It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."

— Alexander McQueen

"I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants."

— Whitney Houston