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Showing posts from August 31, 2008

Fab Frocks

About to attend a cocktail party? Looking for the perfect evening wear? Look no further but at Fab Frocks. They have wide ranges of designers that will surely give you the complete fabulous look. The above pic are some of John Charles design. Ins't it cute and elegant?

Ben Sherman Kids

Everytime I go shopping I always come home will full handed. And I always make sure I bought both my kids something. Like today, I went out to the town as we only live 10 minutes walk to the town centre. So, I can just go shopping whenever I felt like it. It can be everyday or every other day. In the town centre I can have as many choices of brand names. After buying my little girl a cardigan through online I made sure my son won't be left out too. So, I bought him a Ben Sherman top and shorts. He wore it shortly after I arrived and boy he looks so cute on it. Ben Sherman does good clothes for kids.