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Showing posts from September 14, 2008

Hoddies, Cardigans and a lot more......

Don't you just love hoodies? I am one big fan of hoodies but hubby is not. But, he doesn't care what I want to wear unless its too provocative, lol. Anyway, fall is here and you might be looking for something warm to wear so I decided to share some goodies you can buy that is not gonna hurt your budget. Alright, old navy is known for its affordable clothing and yet high quality. So, smart shoppers, welcome!

Winter Jacket

Couple winter ago my sister in-law had this cute pretty hoody black jacket that I was dying to buy. Hubby bought me one from Nike and after that my sister in-law told me she only bought hers at a fair market for just £20, unbelievable. Until now she is still using it. Now that autumn is here I am thinking to buy each for my kids. I like this kind of jacket because they can use it all-in-one. It can be use for rainy, snowy, or just daily use during cold season. Today, I found one that is available but only it is not for children and I share it here for anyone interested. You can actually buy it here now. So cute that I am so tempted. Who knows might get it for myself, hehehe.

Chanel Naked Gold Tote

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If you are rich enough and you care less of your money then maybe this Chanel naked gold tote is for you. Me, I am skint and the last thing I would do is to buy a Chanel - its unlikely to happen. I better win the Lottery first hehehe.