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Mid Sale at OASIS now

Either you are looking for formal wear, casual wear or anything at OASIS you can find it all. You can expect high quality materials, high fashion trends plus they are affordable too. Like me, I have been eyeing this leather jacket months and months ago but the is, I have some important things to be prioritised at the moment so I had to delayed buying one.

I really drool this Jacket


Also, just found some really cute dresses at their online store that I liked very much. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I better do more work and save so I can go shopping and treat myself for some autumn fashion.

Take a look at this dress, isn't it cute?


Bond Girl 007

Not only you can watch bond 007 or buy their DVD'S also you can purchased their newest Bond Girl Fragrances now. Watch out for this awesome product and make sure to grab one. Already out now at AVON.....just saw the television commercial tonight and to be honest I am so tempted to buy one but I guess I'll have to wait until I got a budget.

Image provided

Love it this KG Gladiator

After a splendid surprised from the hubby 2 nights ago, I decided to like the Kurt Geiger products. I am always a big fan of heels but since I got here in England and had kids I am more into flat shoes now. So, this KG Gladiator type of shoes would be great for me. Added this to my kaboodle list and perhaps buy it on Christmas.

You can visit kurt Geiger website for more options.......

Stylish Prescription Eyeglasses

I finally rang my Mum and we spoke like 4 hours on the phone yesterday. One thing she asked to buy is an eyeglasses and I jokingly told her I would get her one that is so stylish that make her look fabulous. She laughed hysterically and said she is too old for fashion eyeglasses. Typical Mama! She is never into fashion but I guess its about time to introduce her to the latest trends in the market. It wouldn't hurt her if she tries wearing a stylish eyeglasses at least it makes her look younger than her age. Dad, doesn't really mind whether its trendy or not because, all he cares is he could see well enough and also read his books everyday. So, I am thinking why not try buying some prescrition eyeglasses at Zeni Optical since their glasses is so affordable from &8 dollars only. How cheap is that and it's not because it's cheap it'll break easily. They are made of great fine quality material that will also last longer. So, it is ideal for my parents to have one o…

M&S trench Coat

This is what I would love to buy for my winter formal coat. It can be use to all type of clothing - be it skit, dresses, jeans or anything it goes. I simply love it and could not wait to buy one. Should I wait until it reduce?

If your interested you can get one for youself too.........just click this link..........