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30 October 2008

My hot Picks for this Fall

Its all about mixed and match at the same time feel comfortable and still look good. How exactly we can do that? It's pretty simple. Pick some good stylish fall clothing that you think will look good on you but still will keep you warm. Here are my top hot picks for this season. All of these hot style can be found here in this link They have all you need for every season.

28 October 2008

Prada Spring Collection 2009

Wondering what could be the next spring collection by Prada? Keen to find out? Then here are some few of my favourites ready to wear collection next year. I just find it more elegant, a little funky and yet it has a very unique style. Looks very feminine and after all its all about real women. So, I think this style would rule the whole spring next year. What do you think?

26 October 2008

Briddle Pleat Bag


See the pic above? This is what my absolute favourite at the moment and too bad I can't buy any because it's out of stock. I would love to treat myself into one of this burberry pleat bag. It's totally an eye candy. I have not bought any burberry bag since and I think its about time to have a taste of it. Oh well, if not today or tomorrow then maybe the next day and perhaps this christmas. Who knows? It might be more than what I wanted, hehehe. But this one would awesomely satisfied my cravings for burberry, lol.

24 October 2008

Sooo Trendy Haircuts

Since, I am a little child I always observed that whatever the famous stars are up to then the people will also follows. This is what discovering trends is all about. People find it more exciting when they knows there are some new trendy style coming up. And they are always keen to find out what's next on the fashion industry be it about clothing, shoes, gadgets, technologies and etc. Like these days people tends to immitate what the hollywood A-list up to. Ooh, they seem to have introducing a new hairstyle again? But hey, they aren't the orginal either only that fashion is a cycle. It always come and go. So, why feel guilty if your being brand as imitator. For me there is no originality because people tend to learn different styling from each other. Only that A-list stars are more in the big screen so they are so noticeable and easily track on their whats up and whatnot. They are in the center of attention but the fact of the matter is, they simply immitator too. So, lets not make a big thing about it, shall we? Lets just face the reality that whatever the trends, lets all for it. So, does tha mean we all have a trendy haircut like these celebrities? Ooh, I already had mine, hehehehe.

21 October 2008

Chanel Winter Collection 2008

Look at this amazing gowns and designs? This was taken during the France Haute Couture. This is just to update your wardrove winter collection 2008. For more details then why not head right to now.

Image grabbed : @

19 October 2008

Gucci Handbag Winter Collections

Was just browsing along this morning and found out this amazing and gorgeously made handbags by GUCCI. These are supposed to be their winter collection 2008. Isn't it drooling? If only I had all the money in the world I wouldn't doubt buying one pair or two or even more.....I could only dream for now. But hey, don't you wanna have a glance to Gucci online for more details?

17 October 2008

Pink Gladiator and more........

What could be more hotter than this beautiful pink gladiator sandal? Every woman would die for just to have this style plus it's now on sale. What more could you find? So, head down to now and choose the colour you like.

15 October 2008

Designer CLothing for Kids

Prefer to buy top quality kids clothing? Then kids cavern is the one to look for. Every posisble top designer in the whole wide world can be found at their website. So, why look further? They've got what you've looking for.........visit them now!

How much do you love shoes?

Love this or that? Love trainer shoes, flat shoes, boots or any kind of footwear? The barrats is the perfect store for you. They sell anything and everything. So, visit the store now to avail great sale prices.

14 October 2008

Massive Sale on Adams

You must hurry and go on now! Because at Adams every new trendy clothing for kids you can get it at their website and to the extent their store. School uniform, casual kids clothing, going out and etc. At Adam's they have what your children needs. So, go shop till you drop, hehehe.

13 October 2008

Mens Cashmere Overcoat

What could be a perfect gift for your husband/boyfriend or partner this christmas but a cashmere overcoat? If talking about high top quality materials then nothing beat They sell high quality men's wear in such affordable prices. So, you think about it and if you decide that your husband would be happy to receive such christmas present then never doubt to buy it at eshopone, ok.

12 October 2008

Red Tartans

Wanna stand out this fall? Red tartans could be the one for you to wear to stand out in the crowd. I really love it and hoping I could go shopping by next week for my autumn 2008 collections. What do you think of this red tartan jeans? Love it?

Get it from Loloz Clothing and Accessories.........

11 October 2008

My New Collection

My husband knows how I am into fashion and I was like this before he met me so its not a new thing to him when I buy something new every now and then. I'm not so demanding and I don't need to demand because hubby full well knows what I want and what I like. Sometimes, I am flattered that during his break time at work he goes shopping for me or for our kids. He is the sweetest man on earth. He also likes my attitude who is very contented and not too inggitira with what other's have. I don't go out and shop using credit cards too because I am not a big fan of "UTANG" as in with interest pa. We are not loaded but we have more than enough. I am also very open and whatever I purchased I don't need to hide it from him. In fact I even show it to him directly just to see what his opinion with the new stuff. I also don't spend all my time shopping (yung pa pretend ba, na loaded pero diay pulos utang). I love fashion and according to hubby fashion loves me too. So, he likes to surprised me every now and then even if there is no occasion. Dba, and sweet niya?

Anyway, here are my new dresses added to my Jane Norman Collection. Love Jane Norman as they have my size and my style too. Hubby and I choose this dresses.

And of course, hubby can't resist the temptation as well. He knows how much his wife loves shoes. So, he bought me a pair of Kurt Geiger at the Airport where he works. All his colleagues was so impressed of him. Anyhow, I wore the black and white one during the ball party couple weeks ago and will share some pictures later on...

10 October 2008

Planning Ahead

I am pretty sure when my daughter hit her debut I will throw a big party. Who wouldn't want her first child to have the best of her 18 birthday? I already planned and browse possible dresses she could wear and below I posted couple of pics that I think will be the best. If you want to see more just visit the site....Well, I am planning ahead.....I can't wait!

9 October 2008

Princess Dress for my Daughter's birthday

My daughter will be turning 7 yrs old pretty soon and that I am organising a little party for her in the house and also a party with her classmates. She asked me if she could wear one of the princess dresses and I said yes big time as it is going to be a big celebration. My gosh naman, I am that old na noh. Imagine, I will soon be an official Mum to a 7 yrs old girl? But, I am proud and that I won't have any regrets. I am blessed to have such a beautiful and smart daughter so, she deserved a good party.

8 October 2008

Shop @Tutti Bella

It's time to fill your child wardrove with this so high trendy and fashionable goodies........get them at Tutti Bella online.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Mocha Berry Cream Cake Society Satchel for just $325

Little Ella Moss Emerald Paradise Dress for $64.95 only

This Train Pajamas is by Paul Frank...way too cute, isn't it?

Only $42


Revlon Custom Creations Foundation SPF15

Get the look you want at Revlon Custome Creations Foundation SPF15 and no one will notice your sleepless beauty anymore. Grab one at your local Boots Pharmacy or any nearby store.

7 October 2008

Mid Sale at OASIS now

Either you are looking for formal wear, casual wear or anything at OASIS you can find it all. You can expect high quality materials, high fashion trends plus they are affordable too. Like me, I have been eyeing this leather jacket months and months ago but the is, I have some important things to be prioritised at the moment so I had to delayed buying one.

I really drool this Jacket


Also, just found some really cute dresses at their online store that I liked very much. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I better do more work and save so I can go shopping and treat myself for some autumn fashion.

Take a look at this dress, isn't it cute?


6 October 2008

Bond Girl 007

Not only you can watch bond 007 or buy their DVD'S also you can purchased their newest Bond Girl Fragrances now. Watch out for this awesome product and make sure to grab one. Already out now at AVON.....just saw the television commercial tonight and to be honest I am so tempted to buy one but I guess I'll have to wait until I got a budget.

Image provided by:

5 October 2008

Love it this KG Gladiator

After a splendid surprised from the hubby 2 nights ago, I decided to like the Kurt Geiger products. I am always a big fan of heels but since I got here in England and had kids I am more into flat shoes now. So, this KG Gladiator type of shoes would be great for me. Added this to my kaboodle list and perhaps buy it on Christmas.

You can visit kurt Geiger website for more options.......

3 October 2008

Stylish Prescription Eyeglasses

I finally rang my Mum and we spoke like 4 hours on the phone yesterday. One thing she asked to buy is an eyeglasses and I jokingly told her I would get her one that is so stylish that make her look fabulous. She laughed hysterically and said she is too old for fashion eyeglasses. Typical Mama! She is never into fashion but I guess its about time to introduce her to the latest trends in the market. It wouldn't hurt her if she tries wearing a stylish eyeglasses at least it makes her look younger than her age. Dad, doesn't really mind whether its trendy or not because, all he cares is he could see well enough and also read his books everyday. So, I am thinking why not try buying some prescrition eyeglasses at Zeni Optical since their glasses is so affordable from &8 dollars only. How cheap is that and it's not because it's cheap it'll break easily. They are made of great fine quality material that will also last longer. So, it is ideal for my parents to have one or two for their daily use. Too glad, at Zeni Optical I can buy many as I can because of their very low and affordable prices. Great selections of frames can be seen in the Zeni Optical store. Plus a new frames just arrived. Isn't it more exciting? You should visit this provided link for great information because it tells about how great Zeni Optical are.....Happy browsing!

1 October 2008

M&S trench Coat

This is what I would love to buy for my winter formal coat. It can be use to all type of clothing - be it skit, dresses, jeans or anything it goes. I simply love it and could not wait to buy one. Should I wait until it reduce?

If your interested you can get one for youself too.........just click this link..........
"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

— Yves Saint-Laurent

"It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."

— Alexander McQueen

"I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants."

— Whitney Houston