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Showing posts from October 19, 2008

Sooo Trendy Haircuts

Since, I am a little child I always observed that whatever the famous stars are up to then the people will also follows. This is what discovering trends is all about. People find it more exciting when they knows there are some new trendy style coming up. And they are always keen to find out what's next on the fashion industry be it about clothing, shoes, gadgets, technologies and etc. Like these days people tends to immitate what the hollywood A-list up to. Ooh, they seem to have introducing a new hairstyle again? But hey, they aren't the orginal either only that fashion is a cycle. It always come and go. So, why feel guilty if your being brand as imitator. For me there is no originality because people tend to learn different styling from each other. Only that A-list stars are more in the big screen so they are so noticeable and easily track on their whats up and whatnot. They are in the center of attention but the fact of the matter is, they simply immitator too. So, lets not…

Chanel Winter Collection 2008

Look at this amazing gowns and designs? This was taken during the France Haute Couture. This is just to update your wardrove winter collection 2008. For more details then why not head right to now.

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Gucci Handbag Winter Collections

Was just browsing along this morning and found out this amazing and gorgeously made handbags by GUCCI. These are supposed to be their winter collection 2008. Isn't it drooling? If only I had all the money in the world I wouldn't doubt buying one pair or two or even more.....I could only dream for now. But hey, don't you wanna have a glance to Gucci online for more details?