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Showing posts from October 26, 2008

My hot Picks for this Fall

Its all about mixed and match at the same time feel comfortable and still look good. How exactly we can do that? It's pretty simple. Pick some good stylish fall clothing that you think will look good on you but still will keep you warm. Here are my top hot picks for this season. All of these hot style can be found here in this link They have all you need for every season.

Prada Spring Collection 2009

Wondering what could be the next spring collection by Prada? Keen to find out? Then here are some few of my favourites ready to wear collection next year. I just find it more elegant, a little funky and yet it has a very unique style. Looks very feminine and after all its all about real women. So, I think this style would rule the whole spring next year. What do you think?

Briddle Pleat Bag


See the pic above? This is what my absolute favourite at the moment and too bad I can't buy any because it's out of stock. I would love to treat myself into one of this burberry pleat bag. It's totally an eye candy. I have not bought any burberry bag since and I think its about time to have a taste of it. Oh well, if not today or tomorrow then maybe the next day and perhaps this christmas. Who knows? It might be more than what I wanted, hehehe. But this one would awesomely satisfied my cravings for burberry, lol.