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30 November 2008

A & F collection

It's payday and I thought I treat myself a lil something before christmas. I always do this every month just to award and pamper myself after weeks of hardwork. So, here's my pick from Abercrombie and fitch online. I thought I could wear this again and again as long as I don't put on weight, hehehe. Visit for your picks.

29 November 2008

New Canon 5D MK11

If only I could wish for more this Christmas then the new Canon 5D would surely be one of them. Here we are discovering the latest of canon. If you decided to take a serious in photography then you should be thinking of investing a great camera. Canon has launched their first ever 21.1 megapixel Digital SLR.

Here are the included features:

21.1MP full frame CMOS sensor
DIGIC 4 processor
ISO range expandable to 25600
Full HD (1080, 30fps) movie recording
High-res 3.0” VGA LCD with Live View
3.9fps JPEG shooting up to card capacity
9-point AF + 6 Assist AF points
Magnesium alloy body

More info's here...........

28 November 2008

Fabulous Winter Coat

I know I hate winter but I must honestly say that I love the winter fashion especially when it comes to these trendy, sophisticated, elegant coats. How can anyone resist the temptation of not having this latest winter looks? Its not only help you look fabulous but also it'll keep you warm. A must-have for cold freezing days for sure. Be sure to grab one as soon as possible in any high street you can find for a cheaper deal.

26 November 2008

Burberry Warrior bag

Can u guess how much this luxury warrior handbag cost? You could at least buy a second hand SLK covertible for this price. If curious then find out at now. Oh well, for rich people it may only be a peanut to their wealth but for me it sure cost more than my fortune, lol. This is not a joke, it's more than it cost at my kids education. But what do you think expect from burberry? This bad is made of allegator skin and with a metal finish so, no wonder it cost thousands of pounds.

24 November 2008

Sony Full HD Laptops

If you`re looking for the ultimate screen experience take a look at the new range of Laptops direct, featuring true widescreen (16:9 ratio) they are the perfect companion for either work or play! Also featuring a full Sony HD detail. Looking a these Sony VAIO laptops makes me salivate already. I really love to upgrade my notebook and this year I will go to Full HD. Sony VAIO laptops are sure enough to make everyone drools. Don't you wish to have a full HD laptop? You better make a wish now! I hope Santa will hear my wishes.

23 November 2008

Going Stripe

I am one big fan of wearing tights be it winter summer and all type of seasons. This season I am looking to buy few different tights and just tonight while browsing online I found this great stripe one. I didn't hesitate to order and now I am waiting for it to be dilevered. Hopefully I could wear it the next weekend. Wonder where I get it from? Oh well, heres the link!

15 November 2008

I am a Nine West Woman

I have quite a few of nine west handbags and shoes and I love to have more and more. I simply can't get enough of their elegant and shophisticated designs. Every time they launch and new ones it always make me drool. Sometimes I can't stop myself but buy one despite of my very tight budget. However, I feel great to treat myself once in a while. So, here is my latest pick this month. It was on sale at 50% off so I thought it was a great deal. And if you wanted one for yourself or to give away this Christmas then your lucky as they still have some available online and here's the link.

13 November 2008

World's Best Bottom Winners

Such a naive of me to not know that Bottom competition is now becoming the trendiest activity in the world. Just this morning I read up from the paper about the current winners (see video here) of this world's best bottom competition. Oh my! So, if you guys think you've a bottom that the world is looking for then flaunt it for the next year competition. Who know's you might be the next crown holder for this fashionable title's that is sponsored by slogi. Men and women can join, hehehe. [LAUGH]

Click here for the Previous winners

6 November 2008

Winter Coolest Dresses

Women should always have a little black dress on their wardrove just in case there is an unexpected party coming. For me, I would definitely have one of this elegant dresses below. It is from Antonio Melanie Designs and its very affordable.

If interest then here's the link to the store!

3 November 2008

Website Trends

It was only couple years ago when I starting creating blogs and writing my thoughts and opinions in my everyday living. At first I had my free hosting blog and find it really cool and trendy to have one. About a year ago when I am being introduced to this new website trends meaning having my own domain. It was even more pretty cool, I thought. I have learnt a lot since then, from designing, html coding and more. Now, what I find even more interesting is to own my own webhosting blog. Do you know what I mean? Like many of my other online friends who already have their web hosting plan and I feel so envy and almost did an impulse buying but gladly second thought stop me. Why? Its because I was never that sure which one to go for and which would be the greatest source of web hosting plan. In short I was confused and unsure. But now that I seems to find a better web hosting plan choices at so, I am keen to find the best one for me. So, if anyone of you out there are looking for a great web hosting then you should not doubt trying webhosting geeks as they have the top list of web hosting plan available on the web. Me, I am thinking that this blog of mine would suit better with my own web hosting plan because I can turn this blog into a lot more. Perhaps, I can start selling online or creating business out of this blog. I will sure make a certain decision in a few weeks time. Just need to get the hubby's point of view too.

2 November 2008

Fashionable Gloves

Looking for a perfect fit gloves yet fashionable and affordable? Then, you better head out to as they have all the a wide range of accessories collection. Whether you are looking for belts, gloves, belts and any type of accessories including glitters bling2x too. Here's my absolute favourite gloves and I hope to buy a pair or two next week.

Affordable Stylish Eyeglasses

My parents are unfortunately have bad eyes. Now, in their early 60's they tend to see not so clear anymore. Mum can't read without eyeglasses and so is Dad. I been wanting to buy them new eyeglasses last year but I didn't. I sent some cash instead. They told me they bought new eyeglasses but wasn't that great. So, I decided this time I will be the one to find them a better quality eyeglasses and yet affordable. I wanted to buy them good eyeglasses that would last longer. I knew there will be some manufacturer who sells good quality glasses in such affordable prices. I would surely grab two pairs for my parents and send it out this Christmas. Who wouldn't want a cheap but quality eyeglasses? I might even get one for my in-laws because they also are unable to read without specs. Might be good as a christmas present too. That solved a problem of what to buy them for this coming holiday season. What more, Zenni Optical does sells stylish and fashionable eyeglasses. So, you wouldn't want to feel embarrass and old while wearing it. It keeps your good looks at the same time your good and clear vision. So, what more you could look for an eyeglasses? You should trust no one but Zenni. Here's some story to read, some facts about Zenni Optical. Visit them now!
"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

— Yves Saint-Laurent

"It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."

— Alexander McQueen

"I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants."

— Whitney Houston