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Showing posts from November 2, 2008

Winter Coolest Dresses

Women should always have a little black dress on their wardrove just in case there is an unexpected party coming. For me, I would definitely have one of this elegant dresses below. It is from Antonio Melanie Designs and its very affordable.

If interest then here's the link to the store!

Website Trends

It was only couple years ago when I starting creating blogs and writing my thoughts and opinions in my everyday living. At first I had my free hosting blog and find it really cool and trendy to have one. About a year ago when I am being introduced to this new website trends meaning having my own domain. It was even more pretty cool, I thought. I have learnt a lot since then, from designing, html coding and more. Now, what I find even more interesting is to own my own webhosting blog. Do you know what I mean? Like many of my other online friends who already have their web hosting plan and I feel so envy and almost did an impulse buying but gladly second thought stop me. Why? Its because I was never that sure which one to go for and which would be the greatest source of web hosting plan. In short I was confused and unsure. But now that I seems to find a better web hosting plan choices at so, I am keen to find the best one for me. So, if anyone of you out there ar…

Fashionable Gloves

Looking for a perfect fit gloves yet fashionable and affordable? Then, you better head out to as they have all the a wide range of accessories collection. Whether you are looking for belts, gloves, belts and any type of accessories including glitters bling2x too. Here's my absolute favourite gloves and I hope to buy a pair or two next week.

Affordable Stylish Eyeglasses

My parents are unfortunately have bad eyes. Now, in their early 60's they tend to see not so clear anymore. Mum can't read without eyeglasses and so is Dad. I been wanting to buy them new eyeglasses last year but I didn't. I sent some cash instead. They told me they bought new eyeglasses but wasn't that great. So, I decided this time I will be the one to find them a better quality eyeglasses and yet affordable. I wanted to buy them good eyeglasses that would last longer. I knew there will be some manufacturer who sells good quality glasses in such affordable prices. I would surely grab two pairs for my parents and send it out this Christmas. Who wouldn't want a cheap but quality eyeglasses? I might even get one for my in-laws because they also are unable to read without specs. Might be good as a christmas present too. That solved a problem of what to buy them for this coming holiday season. What more, Zenni Optical does sells stylish and fashionable eyeglasses. So,…