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Showing posts from November 30, 2008

Which one to buy?

I have been searching a perfect winter coat for my little girl this year. I wanted a trench coat for her and I cam across to amazon and found a really good little girl's trench coat. However, they are a little too pricey for me. Oh well, I should expect it since they are from big brands. I think I could just afford to buy her this DNKY little Girl Manhattan coat for only $140.

Or, I could go expensive and buy her this D&G Little girl's Plaid Trench Coat. I must say she could use it at least few years. But as the economy is a little bit shaky I prefer to save money and just buy her the DKNY one. I have to be practical and kids grow up really quick and perhaps I should think of saving the money for later. What do you think?

A & F collection

It's payday and I thought I treat myself a lil something before christmas. I always do this every month just to award and pamper myself after weeks of hardwork. So, here's my pick from Abercrombie and fitch online. I thought I could wear this again and again as long as I don't put on weight, hehehe. Visit for your picks.