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Astonishing 12 megapixel Camera Phone

What more could be better with this astonishing 12 megapixel camera phone? This is the latest of Sony Ericsson. I saw it advertised on TV and suddenly I fell in love with it. I just wish that Santa will get me one this Christmas or who knows an early present for me, perhaps? Hmmmm, I had a quick thought for an Iphone at first but after seen this 12 megapixel camera phone I quickly change my mind. Gladly, I didn't hurry up Santa for an Iphone. I bet this one is much much better. It makes me more excited to get it straight away. But, I shall wait and see.........besides my previous contract will be cancelled until next week. Will finalise my decision in next couple weeks as Santa is waiting for my pick.

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Which One I go For?

These are the choices at Debenhams Occasion dresses. We already bought a green dress last Saturday which my daughter already wore on Sunday at Great Granny's birthday.

This one I really like from Monsoon as well.........

Another one from Monsoon that we saw last Saturday when we went for our little shop and little princess actually liked it a lot but it's kinda expensive for one occasion only. Here's the link at their online store...Monsoon Girls...

This one I haven't seen in the store but available online which I just looked at now...

Autograph from Marks & Spencers

Lovely Dresses on Sale now!

Looking for some cute dresses to wear for a night out, casual and party dresses? Here's a bunch of lovely cute dresses on sale.....If only I am not huge I would have love to wear one these beautiful dresses.

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Winter Coats

Like this coat? I kinda like it but it looks a bit naughty but nice, don't you think? Was just browsing for fur coats and end up looking one after another. There are sure loads of choices around only that, I don't have that much cash. I must say it is affordable but I have to wait my payday, lol. Here's the link to the shop where I found it while browsing...

Here's second choices! I really wouldn't mind having it this Christmas.....already in my wishlist. Hope Santa could read this, hehehe.

Colcci The Bombshell Faux Fur Jacket

My Summer Wardrobe

These are the list thing I wanted to buy before we go off on our summer break next couple months. So, I better work my butt really hard to afford this all, lol. I can't seems to enjoy summer without updating my wardrobe.

Branded Sunnies

I am excited for this summer to come because the weather is predicted to be dryer and warmer compare last year. It means I can go outdoors! I would love to have one of these sunnies though and right now I am really drooling for it. I really hope I would get one in few weeks time. Who knows hubby will give me one as our Wedding Anniversary presents. That would really be great. Btw, the first photo is obviously Cavalli and the rest are from Christian Dior....

Baker Hats

I am very into hats and I had so many hats bought from different shops. I specifically likes these baker hars from Monsoon. Aren't these lovely?

Travel Accessories

I am looking for travel accessories and these are the few selection I would consider buying. They are really cool. I simply love the outer design. If I have few penny's more then I would definitely all of it but sadly like others I am suffering the recession too. So, one would do!

Daisy by Marc Jacob

Introducing "Daisy" by Marc Jacob and can now be bought at Debenhams available in many sizes. Perfect for spring/summer smelling.

Helga Peeptoe Shoe by Georgina Goodman

How I would love to have this Shoes! Is just way too gorgeous and I am totally drooling here. But £322 is still much from my hard-earned money, lol. You may say I am tight but hey, I can live without, hehehe. I am only up to dreaming and admiring this beautifully made shoes by Georgina G. If you are interested you may buy it from here......happy shopping!

Diesel Latest Arrivals

Here's what's new on Diesel so, go check it out. Hot fashion yet affordable and durable that will last throughout the years.

Fendi or Catherine Malandrino or Marchesa?

Bronze Accordian Pleat Gown by Marchesa and with the staggering price of £4793 only.

Fendi Silk Eyelet Detailed Dress for just £3321. Not so cheap, eh? Well this super stunning black dress is just way too awesome.

This is a Catherine Malandrino Cherry Red Silk Dress and it is worth £ hot and ready to take on all occasions. Its a 100% silk and a dry clean. So, what you think?

Silk Eyelet Detailed Dress

Jimmy Choo Handbags

I have been wanting a pair of handbag by Jimmy Choo but for the prices I couldn't even think of buying right away as it is too pricey but what do I expect for a world famous designer like him. He does produce top quality of handbags that is worth every penny you spend. Now, I think I have enough savings and can afford one as a treat for myself. Sounds extravagant, eh? Here's Jimmy Choo handbags collection. If I have all the money in the world I would go for this newest design of him. I'm definitely drooling and tempted but hey there are other top priorities at the moment. Looking at his new design is more than satisfying, lol. Here it is........the hottest trends in the current market. Watch out for this!

Men's Spring Assortments

Men's spring assortments from burst bold of colour to pop proudly introducing the new collection for spring /summer 2009 must-have! While browsing for men's hot fashion I came across to this wonderful website that tells it all. Click the website for more browsing!

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Spring Essentials

Was just browsing around this morning and checking what will be good to wear for the next season. I bet we are all excited and can't wait. So, if your looking for anything cute for spring clothing then head to as they listed everything that spring must-have.

Lacoste Fashion for Spring 09

Check Lacoste and their spring 2009 collection. They are simply amazing. It a sure spring must-have.


I have twitter and I don't actually used it that much but now that I know it can help to gain traffic to my blog then I decided to keep updating it. I better find ted on twitter too and find out he's out and about. It's the web fashion of today!

Marc Jacobs Spring Bags

Ohh, who wouldn't drool on this yello sling bag. It is only a MJ bag. Inexpensive? No way! It surely break my bank, hahahaha.

I really fancy having this Tote Bag of Marc Jacob but the problem is, I don't have the budget lol. If you have the budget then go for it! Why not?

Tote Bag

Quilted Bag

Spring Look 09

I was browsing through the website and find out these latest spring look for 2009. I thought they are sophisticated all around spring clothing. And since quality matters they are made of quality materials. So, if you have the budget this year then head down to and get the spring look you wanted.

Golden Puffer Vest

I have been looking for a puffer vest eversince but haven't found one that suit my style. I am very picky when it comes to clothing especially for winter ones. I just don't like wearing a lot of layers and be uncomfortable the rest of the day. I would rather prefer to buy an expensive piece of clothing that can keeps me warm throughout the winter without wrapping myself to much. So, while browsing for that certain things I happen to stumble across Zappos website and found this Lilly Pulitzer Women Vest Sage Puffer Vest Gold. It's exactly what I wanted for years and yes its a bit pricey and I have to save up for it, I promised. Depending on how long winter will be according to those who have received an online university degree in meteorology, this could end up being a very worthwhile item to purchase.