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Holiday party shoes

Drooling photo of these hot stilettos, isn't it? I'm in search for this kind of shoes to wear on the party this coming Christmas. Its our tradition to wear something red, gold and silver in every holiday season but the snow hinders me of going out shopping. Yes, I had all the time in the world but suddenly those times were gone. I only have a week and, last night when hubby and I went shopping, I saw the red shoes I was pondering of buying few weeks ago and now its on 50% sale - unfortunately, everything left was all too big for me. I was gutted until hubby said that we are going to look somewhere else. Then today saw these really cute pairs of heeled shoes and thought these would just be perfect for this coming holiday parties, don't you think? Modatoi it is...why not check out their store now!

UK's best (Aviator and Animal prints coats/jackets)

Just picking out the best of UK's coats this Autumn/Winter 2010. Any of these, would suit me find and, I badly need it to survive this winter. Perhaps, one animal print and an aviator. Here's few of what I fancy with each respective sellers/shops and with their affordable prices, you can't complain, really.

This trendy dark brown faux sheepskin aviator from Next is only £75

This Extreme Collar Aviator from Warehouse is super hot for only £160

Grey long Sheepskin faux fur coat from Wallis in only £95

Leopard print faux fur coat for as low as £29.99 from New Look, can't beat this price! Originally, was £39.99.

Animal print faux fur jacket for only £85 by Julian Mcdonald

Per Una faux fur long Sleeve Ombre for only £85 from M&S

Sheepskin sleeveless Gilet for only £195 from Topshop

White leopard faux fur coat for only £89.99 from River Island

Ankle Boots in Debenhams

Here's some Debenhams Autumn/Winter inspired ankle boots, very affordable from different great brand names/makers and designers. Just take your fancy! I would love to have them all in my wardrobe.

This beautiful Carvela inspired Grey Sapphire wedge ankle boots is only £180.

This Nine West "Grey Sensation" ankle boots is now on sale for £79 from £110.

This cowboy inspired dark brown studded ankle boots by Red Herring is only £45

Chocolate lace-up abi aboots (Red Herring) for only £45

Chocolate faux fur ankle boots (Faith) for only £75

Carvela black sock ankle boots for only £160

Black "Monet" suede ankle boots for only £45

Black Lorraine ankle boots for only £45

Picture Courtessy: Debenhams Online

Taurus & Jupiter by Jimmy Choo

Recently, I bought a new lace up boots from Next few weeks ago. Luckily, the husband was up paying it. It was not that costly but high quality leather made. I am thrilled and excited to wear it. Lace up boots are the new big trends this Autumn.

Check out what I've got can also look for their other stuff.

And to those who are crazy about Jimmy Choo then, I've got something for you here....tada...."the Taurus and the Jupiter".

Discounted Shoes

Hey guys, why not grab yourself some great bargains here. Accidentally stumble in this site while looking for a specific shoes online that I need to wear this weekend. And gosh, I've found a few that I would love to get if they have my size but unfortunately the smallest they've got is only down to 5.0 which is really bad because I seriously want all of these. I've sent an email to the admin asking about their sizing information as I'm doubting maybe it is US. But hey, the reason I'm spreading this bargain news its because of their unbeatable prices. It's definitely worth a look! Good made, awesome style, great shoes! Here's my top picks by the way...

Top Picks in

These are the items I want to buy at Boohoo - in fact, I've already bought few items. I can't wait to see and try it. So, if these are your style then go and check the site now!

Gladiator Inspired

The super hot trends this season - the gladiator inspired sandals/shoes. If you want to look hot and trendy without breaking your bank then head to Boohoo - they sell varieties. These are the cool stuff that caught my attention.

Summer Swimwear 2010

Finally, I am updated this blog of mine. I have been busy lately with many things. But anyway, as usual I have been fascinated by the new trends and this summer there are loads of exciting new stuff coming on the market. Apparently, cut-away bikinis are big this summer. So, if your looking for new swimwear then here's your tip and choices. More summer Spring/Summer trends to stay tune! The fashion designers with design degrees are getting ready to roll out their new
Spring/Summer looks.