30 December 2012

Perfect-imperfect Fall

 This is an overdue entry because I was too busy for the past weeks due to Holiday season preparation and still a little bit busy right now but have to spare a time to update this blog at least. This look was taken couple months back during the beginning of Autumn season. And wore this oversized Cardigan few times already since I bought it because it is so warm, cool and trendy. Just perfect for the fall/winter season. No wonder I fell in love in it at first glance at Cotton Traders. It goes with my stripe skirt and top as well as with my fave sheepskin boots. Accentuate wit my coach patchwork handbag and tadaaaaaaaa.....fit for the day out with my family :)

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Cardigan: Cotton Traders
Scarfs: Zara 
Tights:New Look
Ankle Boots: Faith by Debenhams 
Handbag: Coach
Sunglasses: Marc Jacob

16 December 2012

Modelling Option

Glamour Modelling is usually the easiest option to go for these days. Why? Because if you got the face, the body, the charm but lacking of height then glamour modelling could be your thing. You got to have that extra confident too to be able to qualify the job besides the legal age requirements. I have seen a few friends who could potentially be a glamour model because of their pretty faces, hot looks and bodies but not quite as tall to be a model. You know what I mean? Super models requires at least 5'7, right? Anyway, it's not the end of the world as glamour modelling has become so popular nowadays and it could get as big as other modelling category. So why not try and push yourself for a better career? If it is something you love doing or you've been dreaming about then go and achieve it . As the old saying goes ' Better try and fail than not trying at all'. So, why waste a good looks and body if you could get a great, fun and enjoyable career out of it, right? So, I encourage those girls/ladies/women that has all the quality to go and try. There is nothing you'll lose but presumably gain or earn. So start joining the glamour modelling career now! It's your loss otherwise! 

4 December 2012

Black, Cream and Jeans

I have been back from my 2 weeks holiday to Philippines but jetlag and cold got me just a day after I got back here in UK. So, for that very reason I was not able to update this blog and finally tonight I had the mojo for this quick post about my simple look just before I went away. This was my daughter's Pre-birthday outing with some close friends. We took them to cinema and dined in at Pizza hut for our dinner afterwards. And since the temperature started dropping that time, the thought of bundling up and keeping myself warm at the same time looking fab was a clever idea though daunting but fun. I guess this black turtle-neck top from Zara, Cardigan from Primark and a washout jeans from  Levi's were perfect for that family night out. Oh yes, an Egyptian inspired swarovski necklace from Pandora give an extra elegant look. And thanks to this studded belt from Next too for perfecting this whole outfit. The boot's were the only mistakes, what do you think?

1 November 2012

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24 October 2012

Baroque for Autumn 2012

Another long overdue entry but just got time to finally post about this look that was taken couple weekend ago. This was at the Happy Valley when me and my family went for a walk after picking my son from attending party. I decided to wear my Baroque leggings paired with my cashmere top and oversized black jumper and finish it up with a yellow scarfs and a metallic satchel tote from Next. Simple, comfortable and yet fashionable. Yes, it is one of this day that I can be ask to put a make-up on and just laid my hair down. 

Black Top: from River Island
Black Jumper: Marks and Spencer
Yellow Scarfs: M and Co
Baroque Leggings: New Look
Combat boots: Marks and Spencer (kids) as it is my daughter's outgrown shoes, lol.

21 October 2012

Collared print top & Feathery earrings

Oh yes, another animal print clothing added to my closet. Again, another bargain steal I got from New Look few weeks ago and wore this when I went for a day out with my family to Bangor. But since it is quite cold that day I layered it up with a cardigan and a coat. Wasn't able to take picture with our trip because it was raining hard but taking picture inside the house first are always handy. This top can be pair with anything and I decided to go it with my black jeans because I didn't want to feel the cold in our outs and about. I plan to take this top in my coming trip to Philippines because then I could this just wear it as in with a crop denim, skirt or hot pants. What do you think? I intentionally bought this top to match with my feathery earrings. So, here I am for the first time I wore this pairs and I think it matches better. 

this collage are my lookbook entry, visit and hyped if you happen to be a member in that site :)

showing off its collar

the belt is just there to give a little hint of colour to my outfit :)

the boots I got from New Look again from their special edition and it is made with  real leather and so comfortable I must say.

18 October 2012

Dark-green figured fit Jersey dress

It was the 4th of October when me and the ladies arranged for 'couples night out' together for the very first time so that our husbands can meet each other and honestly, it was one of the most memorable night. As always the ladies looked stunning with their chosen dresses for the night. But would you believed if I tell you that this dress I wore that night only cost £3.99? Yes, it was a promotion from H&M for the first 100 customers. So, soon as I received their email I ordered straight away even though I wasn't that sure if it would fit or suit me fine until this night. The first time I wore it and surprisingly love the fitting and the material. It is an Autumn must-have I should say. And I believed that 'Simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication'.  Oh well I'm very happy with this purchased and thanks to H&M for always updating me via email. 

5% elastane, 78% polyester, 17% viscose. Machine wash at 40˚
And gladly I remembered I have this pair of shoes that exactly match to this dress. It is one of my great bargain finds too that only cost me £5 and I must say it is one of my most comfortable pairs in my closet.  And oh, had to have this dress belted to elaborate a waistline, lol.
And here I am in the middle with these gorgeous Indonesians and Thai ladies :) 

With my sexy Thai Friend, Kung.

with my sexy Indonesian Friend, Linda.

15 October 2012

Looking for Occasion Dresses...

Okay, I am flying to Philippines in 3 weeks time for my sister's wedding. I am super duper excited for this event, partly because it will also served as our family reunion. I so miss them and I miss Cebu. It won't be a grand wedding party wise and venue wise, it will just be in the town where we were all raised-up, but the event itself and seeing them all are more than attending any grand parties. I haven't seen them for years and so the reason why this trip is a much awaited one. 

On the other hand, I am looking some formal attire to wear in the ceremony and reception of course. I have been busy browsing online and of course in my favourite store,  Debenhams.  Without looking its prices and brand, I immediately got attracted to this Cassini Cross Over Maxi Dress by Phase Eight

The sleek and sophisticated look in this dress is what got me. I just love it but the size and length might be a problem. I'm 5'2 and the model is 5'8 and still it covers her feet. Plus they run out a UK size 8 which is my size but then I can wear size UK 10 as well if I need to, depending on a bust sized and all that. The cost is quite okay, I can just stretch to it - that's how much I love this dress. Would love to go to the store and try it on and see how it will fit me but not sure if our store here have a stock as it says only available at selected stores. 

Was £120.00 Now £95.00  Now £85.00

Then a second choice is this dress below. I quickly love the style, design and materials without knowing that it cost quite a lot. Well, with my budget and rules in shopping I just can't afford it. So tempting though but yes my rules are never spend beyond £50 on dresses. But then, where I can find cheap occasion dresses that are made with high quality materials? Now, I'm having my second thought .... [wink] ....definitely something to consider, right? But for only wearing once, I'm not sure if it is worth buying expensive dress. If it is black maybe as black can be worn more than once. Well, can be worn several times too with different accessories and perhaps different shoes, cardigan, cape and blazers. However, the price is making me cringe even if it is already in sale. Have to be practical, I think...

                          Debut Peach diagonal sequinned maxi dress

                                                 Was £175.00 Now £140.00

This 3rd choice is okay, not overly dress and quite pretty colour for a Philippine weather. Corals are perfect colours for tropical places. But again it is costly or should I say more than my budget. Might have to bite a bullet in the end :)

This last choice is quite elegant too. Pretty similar style to my first choice but the snag is, I'm not so fan with its colour. I don't think it will suit my complexion at all. What do you think? More like my mother type of dress, right?

Suede Trouser and a see-through top

This are just some freebies from a friend and I must say they are very comfortable and warm. Good for autumn season or perhaps a spring daily wear as these are very light, chic and yet cozy. It is from Thailand and really made of suede, well trouser wise. Its pretty cool and can easily be paired with anything that suits your mood. This suede trouser would look even better with an oversize jumper, I think. I'm not sure if what other style of footwear will go along with this beside from boots. 

13 October 2012

Me in a different Hairstyle 2012

 Fashion is not only implies on clothes but as well as hairstyle and hair accessories. Here I am discovering what hairstyle that best suit my square facial form. I decided that curly hair suit's me okay along with the pony tails, volume up-do fringe and one-sided length. Well, that's to my own vision but I don't know how other's perceive hairstyle that compliments a squarer form of face. Yes, I know it is a difficult shape to flatters but I can settle with pony tails everyday if given a chance as it is the easiest hair that also requires only little time. 
How I obtain this curly hair? Alright, I didn't use any curling iron but instead I plaited my hair then left it overnight. And in the morning I took it off and laid it back and voila...

Grab the white roses in my flower vase and use it as my props, lol. Again, concept from my favourite mexican soap starred by my all-time idol 'Thalia' as Rosalinda, lol. Oh yes she is my # idol.

I've tried to bun my hair but failed so many times. It is just I refused to use hair styling spray to keep my hair in place and to be able to get that sleek bun hair. So, as alternative to that idea I used tons of hair pins instead. 

It an okay do for just a food eating session with friends held at my place.

Another lunch invite from my Thai Friend and again I had so little time to fix myself so just quickly tied-down my hair and put my favourite piece of head band.

This one was taken first month of this year while visiting hubby's long time mate. 

This one was my mother's day do, a simple one-sided length. 

A mother's day do,  in another shot and angle.

This one was during a friend's daugther's birthday bash. Pony tail with a volume fringe. 
Taken on my husband's birthday this year. Another extra volume fringe hair do.  
This one was at friend's house, she's a Thai and a hairstylist back in her town. So, she tried to plait my hair like this style but didn't suit my face at all, I look so ugly, haha.

I quite like the idea though, would suit better to rounded/oblong shape faces :)

11 October 2012

Peplum dress on a girls night...

The first time I wore Peplum bodycon dress and realised that it actually flatters my form. With my square triangular shape, I have found out that a bodycon actually elaborate a shape and that you wouldn't look totally like a box. I don't have that small tiny waist I long for since childhood but instead getting squarer each year, lol. So, I tend to be very careful and is co conscious of what I wear and never in a millions years consider trying on peplum style until I tried it last month during a friend's birthday celebration and ladies night out combined here in our local town. 

It was me and my husband who went out and bought a dress and unsurprisingly he chose this dress against the Zebra print bodycon classic dress although it is shorter than his preference length of dress. I quite like it and paired it with my Zara block purse and a Plum heeled ankle boots. I was fun and we definitely rock that night :)
Peplum dress:  from Debenhams
Burgundy or Pum heeled boots from New Look

I accessorised it with my vintage jersey ring from Store 21 and a metallic gold necklace from Dorothy Perkins. 
Supposedly pair my dress with this Jane Shilton laces heeled shoes but I didn't think it was right for the dress.

here I am striking a pose at Club 147

with my Indonesian sisterette

and with some of the ladies :)