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Practical weddings....

Nowadays, everything is all about how to save more. With this shaky economy I think its always best to be smart and keep aside as much money as possible so that we can rest assured whatever happens tomorrow (e.i. lost the job or business going down and etc) then there is something we can fall back to. In short, practical! Like weddings, a couple should always remember to stick on the budget for we know this is only the beginning of the bills list. When it comes to wedding clothes, reception, venues and such they have to always compare prices and go for the lower prices. There are tons of cheap wedding rings around too. All they need to do is search and search till they find the right one yet affordable. Yes, we have to be practical today because we never know what tomorrow brings. A wedding can still be fun, memorable without spending a huge amount of money. So, to organise a wedding is to look around and shop wisely. Spend less as you can and stick to your budget. Remember, wedding is a lifetime commitment so think about the future and your family dream. Be simple, spend less and save some for tomorrow!


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My Favourite Designers

Have you ever heard of the name Calvin Klein? Well, if
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The Designer

Then: Born in the Bronx in 1942, award-winning fashion icon and marketing pioneer Calvin Klein honed his style at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, before going on to revolutionize the designer denim and underwear businesses with his overtly sexy ad campaigns.

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