3 May 2012

White Summer day

Who would have thought that my mother in-law kept all her youth clothing? The white short I am wearing is from her. She had it 40 + years ago and while she's clearing out her attic she found all her boxes of clothing she stored for more 20 years. She pick some that she thought would fit me and of course I grabbed all of it. Yes, the white short is one of the few that I took home with me and thought would be a perfect pair to my white vest from M&S and my ever favourite cardigan from Primark. Again, have to wear it with a belt to create a little curve. 

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The ripped tights was not deliberate though...it got ripped because it's old, one of my earlier purchased when I first got in the county.  Since this was a family day out to one of the finest garden in North Wales and the weather was then 50-50 so I'd thought to play safe and wore something appropriate in case it'll pour. An ankle boots was my top choice that day the wedges and wellington boots. 
Ah, my husband took this and I wasn't really ready as you can see in my face, lol.
High-waisted pants:M&S


Pinx said...

wow!! antique shorts! but it's still pretty and white at that! never mind if you were not ready for the cam, you still look good. http://hazeljlabado.com/2012/09/05/corner-protectors/

Rechie Wilks said...

You look great overall Haze. I love how the belt accentuates the whites. That ripped tights is parang style na rin.


wifetoalineman02 said...

Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall you are always beautiful Sis Haze :-) I love the outfit :-) It looks beautiful in you :-


Jerla Oh lalala said...

fashionista by heart :) you look great. keep inpiriting people out there like me :D


ღ Ms. Joy mH ღ said...

another fashionable style! I love how you dress girl!

Vernz said...

you have same size as your mil 40 years ago... wow! true vintage.

mariecjsjourney said...

love the outfit and the shoes too so fashionable. cool

momgen said...

You look gorgeous in that outfit and always pretty.

anne said...

Fashion goes round in circle, that short is so trendy nowadays though.


emz said...

the top and the short looks like a whole attire haze. love it on how you put the belt. i was wondering before if that tights is rip or its like design. ur legs will still feel cold because of the rip part. it look very fashionable though. =) i would pair it with a black leather jacket. to get that biker look. =D


Arlene said...

It sure does looks good on you sis! I like to giveaway my clothes that i have outgrown but someone told me that i shojuld save some for my daughter. so now, some of my blouses is being worn by my 14 years old daughter.