28 June 2012

Leggings - easy to wear

Why not? A mother like me who do a school ran pretty much everyday is likely to have time
herself. So, whatever is an easy option to put on early in the morning and still looking good is rather helpful, right? Or not only that also it is very easy to wear with almost anything and a very handy outfits for parks or any family outing. So, you'll see a lot of me wearing leggings:)


Jerla Oh lalala said...

i always love how you mix and match your outfit. you always look gorgeous in many peoples eye :)


LP said...

gorgeous and stylish!

Leggings are always fun to wear. It can be paired with anything.

Emzkie said...

i love your leggings haze! specially the animal prints. that one doesnt look good on me because it makes me look stout and big. prints are good on skinny legs.


grace said...

You're gorgeous sis! Pwede ka na for a model sis...wannah try?

wifetoalineman02 said...

awww! you look fab Momi Haze :-) I love the colors too, perfectly beautiful on you :-) I can never wear leggings by itself as I have chicken legs :-(


momgen said...

Oh you look gorgeous mommy so pretty and the leggings just right for you.


Bless said...

Yup, leggings are easy to wear. A must-have for Mommies on the go :-)

You look great Haze :-)


Mald|taH said...

Super love those booties! I wish i can wear ones like them here in Philippines..unfortunately I can only go for ankle booties :). Nice mixes there sissy.

sir rob said...

I thought this was a pro model but didn't noticed that it's an amateur who poses really like a pro. Greatly done, you are already a Pro.