26 July 2012

First UK Coach Store

      This was a present 3 years ago from my beloved behalf, whom the only person that tolerates me with this bad habit, collecting handbags. If I like a thing whether its branded or not, I would buy it. I'm not yet suck-in into this idea of only buying signature labels thingy because for me its not totally the label that will make me buy things but it's uniqueness and quality. Not that I'm saying signature's are not uniquely made but I just thought they are horrendously over price. But a treat once in a while is not bad at all. Though I still insist buying a handbag or shoes that is more than a thousand pounds. Wth that price, it can already change many lives out there.

          Anyway, the set of picture below was my 27th birthday presents. My husband bought it at Heathrow Airport when he was still working in Mobilisation. It was apparently the first UK (correct me if I'm wrong) or England store/outlet. Unfortunately, they closed it just a year after but opened another store in the Capital, London. As what I've heard they already have 4 chain stores in the country - 2 in London,  1 in Bicester Village and the other one I'm not really sure. Well, this was my first coach handbag and wallet and thanks to my husband for the thoughts. I must have done something good to deserved this special treats.

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texas_sweetie said...

perti ka spoiled sa bana oi hehe.. these are a beauty, gats!

ako bana way paki sa ako adiksyon, ako ako ra palit sa akong mga bags intawn through my hard-earned money as a treat for myself kay kapoy baya suwat hehe...