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30 July 2012

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Peep Toe Pump

Whether your looking for a casual/formal party shoes or just daily office shoes, this Giuseppe Zanotti Design Peep Toe Pump is the answer. If I have the budget, I would not hesitate buying it. The simplicity, the class and the style of this pump is just close to perfection. It's the style must-have and I can assure you it'll be the best buy you can find. Click the image/picture for further info.

by Giuseppe Zanotti


AFamilyMan said...

lovely shoe :) bagay kaayo na sa imo haze

texas_sweetie said...

guapaha pud ani gats oi, how i wish i was an office girl para ka wear ko ingon ani nawng sa pumps everyday bisan dili branded basta ingon ani ka guapa nga shoe payts na hehe..

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