24 July 2012

Various Looks from Lookbook

14/July/2012 - Oh, again another outing with the family and have to pick the best and suitable outfit I can. The shirt was given to me by my husband after the Navy Rugby match he attended couple years ago. And didn't realised that it actually suited along with this denim shorts I had. I thought this outfit was cute and very comfy. So perfect to walked around the town with my shape-up sketchers shoes.

6/July/12 - was running errands and rushing to get ready for I was running out of time so I just grabbed whatever was on the top of my closet and accentuated it with my newly bought hat - well my daughter's hat :). It is my 10 year old track suit I bought from Oxygen at Philippines, would you believe? It didn't quite fit me as it use to;-)

7/7/12 - What could be a perfect look for strolling around the city, shopping and site seeing in a sunny but windy day,  than this? Right? With 3 kids in tow, I think I can't wear any better. Looks like this Harem trouser, topped with a green cardigan transformed my look into a completely different person. Don't you think? Well, maybe just a slight difference;-)

30/June/2012 - Just a recent look I took couple weeks ago during my daughter's rounder's match at their school. Again, I dress for the occasion perfectly. I like the country classy look of it.

This photo taken last 2 years ago (2010) - but was inspired to bring it back and added it to my collection of looks at Lookbook. The cowboy boots made the look for country/ish and love it. Perfect for that day as we visited the Roman Villa.

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Jerla Oh lalala said...

fancy and stylish as always :)