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The tale of my first LV, Speedy Bandouliere 30

I was over the moon to have had my first LV Speedy handbag at last and was even more ecstatic to know that it was more than I have dreamed for. I have always admired the world's iconic signature brand in my whole existence but never have thought I could own one. For I've always remembered someone from decade ago whom splashed this very outrageous comments of how the signature brands being an over price garbage. I totally understand where it coming from and what she/he is trying to point out. Perhaps, those limited edition are truly over priced. Yes, you can't deny the fact that you are only paying for the name.

Anyway, what I've exactly got? Well, I specifically desire to own one of their iconic designs, either the Neverfull GM or the Speedy in size 30 and among the choice of materials were; damier evene, damier azur or mogogram canvas because they are a lot cheaper or shall I say just affordable enough. Mind you, I've crossed out Speedy 30 Monogram multicoloure canvas & Epi leather from the choices because its all  made from an expensive materials and way out of my price bracket. With the said price, I could probably take the whole family out for a nice holiday. So I settled with my first low-end choices. But when we got to the LV store in Manchester I bloody picked the wrong one. It's still an iconic style but with a shoulder strap in it, what they called a 'Speedy Bandouliere 30',  but really didn't know it until we paid in the end. 

The thing is, I was too shy to ask the sale's staff regarding the details so I pretended I know well. Lesson learnt! But thanks to my ever generous behalf for letting me choose between it and the Neverfull GM. I first picked the Neverfull GM but he insisted, because he knows most of my handbags have similar style to it. So it was an easy decisions and Speedy bandouliere 30 it is. Then only when we got to the counter and found out that it actually cost us £200 more than the normal Speedy, I was then hesitant. Doubting my way out.  But too late my husband paid it as I step outside all confused, what went wrong. He wouldn't mind anyway as he didn't really know the price difference. What he knows is, it is more than the Neverfull GM. I was really overjoyed at the same time overwhelmed. The fact that the shoulder strap was the only difference I could see, nothing more. So, I've thought of checking online again as soon as we get home. Oh my, I nearly fell off my chair to know how dumb I am. Thought of returning it and exchange to what I originally desire of having. Yes, could have save 200 quid. But again my husband insisted and said, it's not worth travelling 3 hours for petrol will cost us even more, lol. He has a point and what more, I didn't pay for it. It's his anniversary gifts to me, after all. Delightful indeed!! It is every woman's desire , admit it or not. 

Difference among Bandouliere & other Speedy's in USD price range;

Speedy 30 any of these; damier evene/Azur/monogram - top handles for only  $690.00.
See, what I mean?

Monogram Speedy Bandouliere 25 – $1065
Monogram Speedy Bandouliere 30 – $1090
Monogram Speedy Bandouliere 35 – $1115
Monogram Speedy Bandouliere 40 – $1140

Here's mine, right after we get home:-) 
that's strap cost us £200 more and why? I don't know;-)

9th delightful wedding anniversary gift :)

there he is paying, lol

mixed emotion, haha.


MommaWannabe said…
It's indeed every woman's dream! I have been thinking about buying one too but I just don't have the courage yet to spend so much on one bag.
Author said…
Yes, I can definitely relate. We all need sponsors because we are tight when it comes to our own pocket. We only like to save and save. For earning that sort of money takes a lot of hard work. But it was only for special occasion. (Wala nay kasunod) hehe.
melandriaonline said…
i guess, every woman dreams of owning atleast one LV in their lifetime, i might buy when i won the lotto, he he he.

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