13 August 2012

Mixed & Match

   Another day for picture and outfit opportunity. I love dressing up even in the simplest way. But don't get me wrong I'm not extremely shopaholic, I tend to wear my outfit time and time again. I love finding good deals both online and in stores.

   One great advantage here in my new town is everything seems convenient and a walking distance. You named it all, from the high street shops, grocery stores, toy superstore, home wares shops, beach, play parks, pools and etc... All that are available here in our local area.  A wide selection of shopping brands just in my fingertips. So I can avail as easily to all the good offers around, end of season sales and a lot more products that are 50% reduced, if not more. Ain't I lucky, huh? But with all these tempting shopping opportunity close to me, I'm still able to keep within my budget and never spent beyond it. Or simply avoid going to the town if my funds are low.

   Here's a my bargain steal from TK Maxx, a brown Blazer that are made with 100% cotton just for £16 and was originally £45, cheap huh? Even better as it's made in Guatemala, not in China. I love it! It can be a casual or formal wear as it's suitable to either. The jumpsuit is from my favourite shop, New Look. Another end of season-sale finds for just half the price. But it's kinda loose on me and lengthwise is a little long too. Obviously made for taller ladies.
Taken just after we arrived from our Southeast weekend trip visiting the family and friend. 

I thought the red beads necklace from M&CO was the perfect accessory for this outfit. 

The wedge slip-on was from Next that I bought few ago. It has been my favourite daily footwear. So convenient for strolling around especially with kids to tow and a pushchair:) It's a little worn out already so I'm shopping around for a replacement.

Yes, a total mixed and match outfit.