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A Stylish Personalised Black Bath Towel So He Will Never Moan About Finding His Towel Again

If you are stuck for gift ideas when shopping for your husband then this personalised black bath towel will make the perfect gift for them. There have probably been many times when your husband has moaned about not being able to find his towel or because someone else used it. By getting him his own personalised towel this means that everyone in the house will know it is his and not use it. Also he would be able to find it amongst others because his name will be printed on it.

This is a luxury soft towel that is a perfect gift for all occasions. This turns an ordinary towel into a novelty gift that will bring a smile to his face. With the added bonus of this being a high-quality made item and the lettering is done to a very good standard makes this overall a winner in the gifts department.
This is also one of the personalised gifts for him that you will find serves a great purpose and also is different to having mugs and stationery as presents. This will put a pleasant smile on his face and is something that he can use for many years to come.

Looking for Christmas gifts for men has just been made easier and you can also tell the rest of your friends as well. This will also make a perfect gift that children can give to their fathers on other special occasions such as birthdays, and Father’s Day. It doesn’t just have to be a male’s gift you can have a lady’s name printed on here or even a special message that you would like to give to a loved one.
You can have a maximum of 12 high-quality characters sewn into this towel. The length is 140 cm and its width is 70 cm across so it is suitable for adults of all sizes. Make the man in your life happy this Christmas and get him a personalised towel that he will use over and over again. It also comes in a dark colour so will not look dirty.

So many great personalised products to chose from and to give you an idea, here's couple of the gifts ideas that I thought my husband would definitely like and surely I'll share this idea to our friends and family for the upcoming holiday season gifts inspiration. For without a doubt they'll come to me in few weeks time to ask for some Christmas gifts ideas for him.

Sterling Silver Personalised Shirt Collar Stiffeners

               Personalised Golf Bag Desk Tidy


SW said…
Ha ha I love the persnalised towel idea!
jheylo said…
cute stuff. personalized gifts is always the better and the coolest :)
Shela said…
Niccceee i like it! great gifts to give!
Jessica Cassidy said…
What a beautiful towel for the husband's gift :-) now he won't moan looking for his own towel :-)
Frugal in WV said…
Love the personalized towel idea! New follower from Blogaholic, I look forward to your future posts :)
Momgen Reviews said…
Another site that can be a shopping place for beautiful customize gifts...
Marie said…
I just had to laugh at the title...well, it's a good gift idea...very personalized!
Anonymous said…
LOL, cute title! I love personalizing gifts :) It makes it feel so much more special ^_^ :)
this towel hates bleach but it looks soft. ur hubby will love it
emzkie said…
these are great gifts ideas Haze! love personalized stuff. on hubby's bday i gave him personalized mug with my face on it saying i love u. lol! i also gave him a personalized traveling pillow that i made myself, with his Company name logo.. EMZ. hehehehe.. =D syarog kalimtan ko nya. kuk!
che said…
yeah, personalized gift are very ideal. at least they can not pass these to others as gifts. hehe..
The Purple Doll said…
I think I'll gift a personalized towel for myself.. Haha.. I usually have problems looking for my towels since my sis uses some with a similar color too! XD

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