7 September 2012

Discover Karen Gillan

The new budding British actress/model Karen Gillan whom starred in the 11th series of Doctor Who as her first ever big break in acting is my first favourite Doctor Who assistant ever. There is something in her that caught my heart right after I saw her in the very first episode of Doctor Who and that doll-like, angelic, baby face has captivated the heart of nation. Not to mention her passion in Fashion has also tremendously glowing and growing that won many eyes of the famous fashion moguls. I'll just hope there is someone will build and bring her up into Hollywood which she'll surely be massive, no doubt in that as she is one of a kind actress.

Here she is in one of her many fashion modelling shoot last year.
showing off what an angelic face she have got...

A more daring look

She's like an agel...

One of the Doctor Who shoot as you can see behind her is the Tardis.

Her lovable face

I love her and her outfit haha

I can't get enough of her, she is almost as perfect as picture

Cute as a button

A face that butter wouldn't melt

That is how super adorable Karen Gillan is...


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