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It's all a Fairy Princess Dream (White Maxi)

White is one of my fave colour however, it is quite a challenge to pull-off an entirely white dress or an outfit especially when you are not that skinny but of course,  it also depends on how one can carry an outfit and believe in herself with a total confidence that they will look good in any white clothing. As for me, I honestly think I look terrible in white colour unless it is loose or a maxi dress like this one I am wearing. Yes, I am that body conscious and it became an obsession or far worst an obligation or it is a-must for me to look good in any piece of clothing I buy and if I don't, it will be just piled up dusted in my closet for years to come until the urge of trying will kick again. Do you feel the same way? Oh well, maybe it is just me...VAIN? Not!!

Anyway, I was delighted to have found this white maxi dress at the local Store 21 which is an affordable store I can always fall back when I can't find something fancy or something I like in any other high street stores in the town. Obviously, I haven't discovered this store before until I have moved here in our current location. Quite convenient and affordable but as always there is a slight snag which is, you get what they have on display, so basically early birds grabs the most desirable sizes and your mostly left with big sizes. But I was lucky this time for I have got the perfect size for me waiting in the rack, it was the last one as well. 

And then I planned to wear this for a day while strolling around my old town down in South but unfortunately it was pouring with rain just right after my husband took these pictures of me that day. I guess, it is more than enough to update my look at LOOKBOOK.NU. Check it out...


Lulu said…
you are skinny and you always wear fashionable clothes. Even maxi white looks gorgeous on you.
Jessica Cassidy said…
You look like a fairy Momi Haze and whatever you wear, you look fab and am jealous coz I do not know how to dress-up but I love to wear dress :-)
Bless said…
White is always dainty, and you look gorgeous in it!
Dhemz said… look like a goddess mami....:) love all the photos...very dramatic!
Nancy said…
Just gorgeous! Makes me think sometimes of doing exactly things that you are doing, ha-ha... But no, I know I am just being impulsive again, :D said…
and you look stunning... simply gorgeous... :)
Shela said…
You look a diwata in a teleserye, it reminds me of Encantadia :)
grace said…
Honestly you look like a fairy... I love your white maxi dear...who's the photographer here?
United States said…
you look so great! i love maxi dresses !!!
SHY´s Mode said…
You are gorgeous fairy in white mommy Haze, who is your photographer? He/She done good job because it look so proffesional..I dont post otufit these days because no one who take the picture..
thank you all for this much love xx
Adin B said…
You look like a 60's child. LOvely and like enchanting! :) I don't even have a white dress and I want one. Or a pair of white pants. I have like a long list of things I want until I feel like my closet it complete. LOL!
emzkie said…
i think it also depends on the cut of the dress and the fabric as well.
cotton makes people look fatter, the polyester type makes people skinier. i think ur maxi dress will suit chubby people because it drops down and it dont have much any pleats.
jheylo said…
mura ka ug diwata haze :D i love it. you can pretty much wear anything that looks good on you

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