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New Season Sale at my favourite Store and my top picks...

If USA has Victoria secret then UK has Debenhams. It is the same idea though, a store that offers and sell varieties of brand names. From basic accessories down to a wide selections of finest footwear. You wouldn't wish to be anywhere else but Debenhams. That is how I always feel when I'm in the store. I can stroll around this specific shops from kids department to men. Not only that, they also have home wares and an arrays of furniture. Plus, a free wifi too as well as a canteen to those customers that will get peckish from browsing the entire floors. Mind you, shopping can get a bit tiring right? 
SO, Hurry and grab a bargain in Debenhams store for their new season event 25% in every departments as well as 10% in all beauty and fragrance. It is only up this Sunday (tomorrow) so don't miss out. 
Here's my top picks I captured while browsing along the stores. Oh, these are such an eye-candies to me:)
Heart this blazer by Julien McDonald oh so pricey
While I enter the store first thing I see was this captivating Blazer of Julien Macdonald. He is  one of the big designer names in the store. A little bit costly but that's because it's all made with quality. But then all big names are, right?
Retail therapy today Me likey Plum or burgundy My fave of all Suede All glam and glitz Autumn must-have And in pinky too I opted this in the end - can only afford one lol John carter #jimmy choo #fragrance #heart #Edhardy #fragrance#Diesel #fragrance#love #juicycouture #fragrance
Oh yes, all these are unfortunately not mine. Though I would say that I was lucky enough to grab some really good deal that day. I bought myself a two pair of shoes as well as perfumes to give to my sisters back in the Philippines. Oh, I would have grab Jimmy Choo's fragrance too but it is still a bit costly for me. But, I might be tempted enough to buy it later this afternoon. 


Rossel said…
these are tempting. i want to go shopping now...ehehe. i love the red bag on the top right.
Jessica Cassidy said…
I love to shop at Victoria's Secret especially if I have my coupons :-) I can also get free undies...I do not now how many free undies I got :-) I hope that you get to shop those goodies :-)
bellavienne said…
Oh my gorgeous purses! I wish that's my closet they sure are pretty.
jheylo said…
sweet :D share some to me haze hehehhe. lovely items and if they're on sale, grab it while you can asap.
Lulu said…
oh my! i love those purse. but I am sure i can't afford them so I will just feast my eyes!
Zoan said…
Tempting yet i have no budget. The bags areawesome;) i cant wait to strut around our place with that in my arms
Dhemz said…
ayay! I'm lovin' those shoes....good for you!
they're lovely.. but I felt they're a pain in my card... heheh... we have one in Davao too, I love to be a 'tindera' there no one comes hehe.. walay trabaho :)
Shela said…
Oh my i love the reds purses! You made me wanting to shop hehehe
Wow I like the bags and shoes so beautiful wahhh like to shop...
witty said…
The items look really nice and expensive. Hehe. I wonder if I'd be able to control the urge to shop if I were there.
emzkie said…
ahhh but they dont sell lingeries and it looks expensive. victorias are more affortable in my poor pocket. thanks for sharing this!

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