6 September 2012

The Flag that Unites (get it British)

This was just an idea taken few weeks ago for Olympic London 2012. Showing my way of supporting the British Team in  a trendy way with my newly bought Union flag umbrella as a props along with the rubber ducky. The rest of the outfits were old that I dug from my closet to matched the entire look. Did you notice how the Union flag came back to fashion? Well, it never did go away but the amount of people wearing it all over the world was unbelievable. And proud to say, my adapted country was doing well in the gold rankings. Would have love my beloved country Philippines to do well too but never mind. Anyway, how do you like my concept? What did you do to show support of your country? Me, I was glued on to the television the whole 2 weeks.  


Adin B said...

YOu are looking lovely! Love your hair as well. :)

Genefaith Saratorio said...

you totally rock your support to Britain! would have loved too if Philippines can get medals ...anyways, i love your outfit sis and your umbrella and that beautiful hair piece totally stand out!

sigrid @ dinsfashion said...

I love the photo shoot ha! :D so daring!