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Me in a different Hairstyle 2012

 Fashion is not only implies on clothes but as well as hairstyle and hair accessories. Here I am discovering what hairstyle that best suit my square facial form. I decided that curly hair suit's me okay along with the pony tails, volume up-do fringe and one-sided length. Well, that's to my own vision but I don't know how other's perceive hairstyle that compliments a squarer form of face. Yes, I know it is a difficult shape to flatters but I can settle with pony tails everyday if given a chance as it is the easiest hair that also requires only little time. 
How I obtain this curly hair? Alright, I didn't use any curling iron but instead I plaited my hair then left it overnight. And in the morning I took it off and laid it back and voila...

Grab the white roses in my flower vase and use it as my props, lol. Again, concept from my favourite mexican soap starred by my all-time idol 'Thalia' as Rosalinda, lol. Oh yes she is my # idol.

I've tried to bun my hair but failed so many times. It is just I refused to use hair styling spray to keep my hair in place and to be able to get that sleek bun hair. So, as alternative to that idea I used tons of hair pins instead. 

It an okay do for just a food eating session with friends held at my place.

Another lunch invite from my Thai Friend and again I had so little time to fix myself so just quickly tied-down my hair and put my favourite piece of head band.

This one was taken first month of this year while visiting hubby's long time mate. 

This one was my mother's day do, a simple one-sided length. 

A mother's day do,  in another shot and angle.

This one was during a friend's daugther's birthday bash. Pony tail with a volume fringe. 
Taken on my husband's birthday this year. Another extra volume fringe hair do.  
This one was at friend's house, she's a Thai and a hairstylist back in her town. So, she tried to plait my hair like this style but didn't suit my face at all, I look so ugly, haha.

I quite like the idea though, would suit better to rounded/oblong shape faces :)


Aggie said…
Love the curly hair!
Chie said…
All hair styles seem to suit you..i find curly hair best on you though and i like how you got your hair sweat
jheylo said…
pretty momma.... you dont look like you are a mom of 3 :) birhen and birhen ang porma hehehehe
Mei said…
I also suck in doing buns. Haha kaya ang gulo lagi ng buns ko. XD I wanna try curls kaso ayoko din gumamit ng kahit anong irons. Pag kasi binubuhol ko lang buhok ko, di kaya eh. Pumapalag. Haha.
Yung last two pictures, ang cool ng pagkakabraid. Haha parang waterfall braid pero nasa harapan. XD gawin ko nga yan XD try mo waterfall braid sis. bagay naman ata sa lahat yun XD
That's the good thing having long hair, you can do different style.
Anonymous said…
i love how you choose your fashion style and you always look gorgeous with them, except with the paper eyeglasses though lol!

Nanay Bebeng said…
Yes I agree that fashion does not only imply on clothes. Our hair is our crowning glory. Good for you that you can have different 'do according to the occasion. :)

Momgen Reviews said…
You really are a great fashionista madam, sexy and gorgeous.
Jadey said…
All looks great on you!

I want to do more kikay stuff with my hair too but with a toddler I have limited time to play with my hair :)....maybe later.

working mama said…
love ko most ung curly hairstyle mo sis
You look good on your curly hair,specially with the rose on the side.I always love seeing long hair in a curly style.
Jessica Cassidy said…
I love your curly hair most Momi Haze but you always look beautiful in other hair style as well :-)
Bless said…
The curly hair seem to suit your personality :-) It is just me though, but you look pretty and gorgeous in all hair styles :-)
Nancy said…
you are just gorgeous sis, i so admire your sense of fashion.
Rossel said…
I like the curly hair with flower on the ear. It reminds me of Marimar's hair.
Herbert Kikoy said…
Not a bad hairstyle at all. I like the last one.. Its simply gorgeous
Gene said…
I like the different hairstyle, my favorite are in the first two photos. My hair doesn't like to be curled.
Raya said…
You look stunning! I love everything you do to your hair-- you carry your fashion so well!
Bjorn Bernales said…
With the gorgeous hair you have, you can style it in different ways.
The Purple Doll said…
Wow, you really do a lot of hair styling! :) As for me, I haven't paid much attention on my hair for long. But I think I'll start minding my hair too, especially since I just recently got it permed :)

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