12 May 2012

Go Denim

Denim is a piece of clothing that will never go out of trend. That is why it's always safe to keep and buy a decent one. Every now and then I have the urge to wear denims - be it a mini-skirt, jeans, shorts or jackets. You can never go wrong with denim as it is an all-time fashionable. So, if there is a day that you having trouble what to wear, just grab a pair of denims and pair it with any tee-shirts and your good to go.

8 May 2012

Simply red

I bought this dress at M&Co with a half-price less as well as the chain bag. I love Mackays and Co because they have a fine quality of clothing. Back in the town where I used to lived the store was the only decent shop available. With their reasonable prices, I thought the store was convenient. I often shop at them from my kids clothing to mine and occasionally, my husband.

This dress I particularly like because it suits my build and it's red - one of my fave colour. It goes along with my animal-print pump I got at Peacocks and accentuate it with my belt from Claires. Ah, all-in-all this look is lovable. The drawback is, it shows my curves...
Really love the shoes as it's very comfy...the belt is cute too.
Just don't look at my arms, haha
ah, my fave pic, lol