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Showing posts from May 27, 2012

Bright and Floral

Sale, sale, sale for Jubilee long weekend - hurry and grab while in stock!!!

Choo Wedges

What made Jimmy Choo's footwear so special? This is the question that came in to my mind. The answer is simple...great quality just like any other designer labels. Is it worth £495-£695? For loaded people 'YES' for not so loaded 'Maybe' - oh well...For sure it is still everyone's dream to have at least a pair or two at their wardrobe, right? Oh yes, I'm excited for this weekend to check these at store...

Crazy over Lace Dresses

It's another beautiful day today here in UK and yet I am here sitting in front of my lappy browsing online for more goodies. I'm crazy over lace dresses and look what I came across with? All these beautiful and lovely lace dresses - just what I was looking for. No special occasion just a natural woman's crave:) I love all of it...wish I could buy it all:) - though I have one pretty much the same from Wallis 2 years ago but it wasn't as body fitted as these are... click the pictures for larger views

Floral & Animal print Jackets

Julien Macdonald ranges of coats and blazers got me over excited yesterday while shopping for someone's presents. I didn't buy anything yet but I have an eye on this 2 really cute ones - so trendy and yet classy. How do you like it? I'll certainly go back there tomorrow to see more of it as I was focusing my other priority yesterday though got a bit distracted with other loads of tempting stuff. Oh, I think I've fallen in love with one of JM's black trench coat as well. Definitely booked my day for shopping tomorrow:)