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Dress according to the weather...

This series of pictures was taken last weekend down Southeast - where we spent our bank holiday (Jubilee weekend) with family and friends. It started on Saturday and the weather was quite breezy so I thought a pair of jeans, white vest and black blazer was just perfect on that day. Sunday, we all went for to the Church for family service and of course you have to dress-up and be pleasing inside the Church so a Navy Scoop Neck dress with a peach blazer was my choice but was supposed to wear wedges unfortunately the weather was wet so knee boots is what I've got left as I only 4 pairs. And lastly, 'Pinky Peach' for Monday - a day out with friends and oh, our kids in tow - took them to a fairground with a dry-wet weather - ah, I couldn't have pick a better outfit.